Retail Signage Trends of 2019

Signage trends

It’s impossible to imagine the retail industry without signage. Bringing ideas to life, effective signage can capture competitors’ attention, while conveying messaging in a memorable way. With the average person being exposed to around 5,000 adverts every day, the need for displays and signs which stands out is continuously growing.

Retailers have utilised their signs this year in an effort to grow brand awareness and sales. Here are some of the most popular retail signage trends of 2019:

Neon signage 

Retailers have been getting their messaging across in more unique ways this year, with neon signage proving particularly popular. Bold, bright and easy to read, neon signage has helped retailers to clearly advertise their USPs and intrigue passersby.

Whether it’s a stand-out sign for the shopfront, a bright ‘open’ sign, or interior neon signage to create a vintage feel, there are countless ways retailers have been benefiting from the use of indoor and outdoor neon signage.

Floral signage

Floral signage is another trend which has grown in popularity throughout 2019, being seen more commonly.

Creating a unique, stand-out display, retailers have used floral displays to clearly advertise their brand or the products they sell. Flower walls have proven particularly popular this year, being used as a backdrop, or even being designed with a logo or image made from specific coloured flowers.

With a rise in the number of customers posting pictures of innovative displays on their social media channels, flower walls have created opportunities for retailers to get free and viral marketing from passers by who are keen to share pictures of displays they think are particularly attractive, or ‘Instagrammable’.

Simplicity is best

Many retailers are opting for less wordy signage and more visual, imagery-led alternatives. With a limited period of time to capture potential customers’ attention, tapping into trends and having easy to understand messaging is vital in growing business and increasing sales.

Utilise space

2019 has also seen retailers make use of otherwise wasted space. High ceilings, windows and pillars make for the perfect opportunity. Instead of leaving these spaces undecorated, retailers have been turning them into marketing and experience-enhancing spaces. From painting catchy slogans on walls to covering ceilings in brand-specific items, there are many ways retailers are able to make the most of unused space.

It’s all about the minor details

Tiny details can make the difference in retail, encouraging customers to come back and making them remember their experience with you. Think about positive messages in toilet cubicles and on mirrors, or even humorous signage to clearly advertise where the tills are. Each of these small touches will contribute towards a fantastic overall experience which will keep customers coming back.