Finding a Match-Fit Fulfilment Partner

This ebook, published in association with GFS Fulfilment, explores how Sarah went about finding a match-fit fulfilment partner that would help take Sarah Edmonds Illustration to the next level…

Sarah Edmonds, a self-taught illustrator, started her online business with a single illustration selling as prints and cards with an online marketplace. Combining her love of illustration, nature, and wordplay, her cheeky puns became popular across marketplaces, craft markets, and independent shops.

As many eCommerce businesses found in 2020, sales for Sarah Edmonds Illustration grew very quickly as an increasing number of people were shopping online.

By Christmas 2020, Sarah found that her volumes were growing faster than her local fulfilment warehouse could handle.

“Things were growing so much. Work was getting ordered by shops up and down the country and beyond the UK, so I was having much bigger order volumes going out.”

She realised the need for a fulfilment partner that could support her growth, protect the customer experience, and would take as much care as she did with packaging her products.

About GFS Fulfilment

Purpose-built ecommerce warehousing, state-of-the-art technology and tailor-made pick and pack services – GFS Fulfilment offers flexible fulfilment solutions that are bespoke to you, no
matter how detailed or complex.

The GFS Fulfilment team has over 50 years’ experience in ecommerce order fulfilment and this heritage and experience is central to building a long-term partnership that you can trust.

We believe that order fulfilment is all about creating an exceptional customer experience that delights customers, so they want to buy from you again. This is why we take pride in packing orders with as much care and attention as you would yourself.

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