Automating Ecommerce Fulfilment

Automating Ecommerce Fulfilment

The UK e-commerce market is expected to reach £84.03bn in 2024, with revenue predicted to grow by 5.59% per year. This continued growth has forced fulfilment operations into overdrive. 

From click to customer, ecommerce businesses face a multitude of challenges: 

  • Aligning inventory and orders across multiple channels 
  • Complex shipping schedules and order profiles 
  • Tracking fulfilment processes 
  • Back-office reporting and analytics 
  • Meeting customer expectations 

To ensure customers have an optimal experience, multi-channel and online retailers must fulfil an ever-increasing order volume quickly, cost-effectively, and seamlessly. 

The increase in consumer demand has been met by an increasing number of new entrants to the ecommerce landscape (including those that have moved entirely online from having a high street presence). With many offering faster services, free delivery, and more to compete, it is forcing a rise in customer expectations.

These challenges can quickly overwhelm all but the most sophisticated operations, especially during peak order seasons such as Black Friday and Christmas, where the sales potential is matched by process difficulty. As a result, many retailers are looking for automation solutions to help streamline operations, attract new customers, and scale business growth. 

Download Mintsoft’s ultimate guide to automating ecommerce fulfilment; in which, you will explore 5 actionable strategies to streamline order and fulfilment management, giving you time to focus on growing your business, rather than managing the day-to-day operations.

The guide covers:

  • How software can add automation to your workflows
  • How to manage inventory across sales channels
  • How to centralise your order management
  • How to streamline logistics and shipping
  • How automation can help you exceed customer expectations
  • Top tips for implementing software for automation

Download the free e-book here