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Build a Brand on YouTube: How to Generate an Audience

  There’s no denying that YouTube has played a pivotal role in the growth and take-up of social media throughout the world. With videos covering every


Theft in The Workplace: Where the police don’t take action

   Theft in the workplace is a fact of retail but it can still be difficult to deal with. There are various things business owners can


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Modern Retail Interview: Kandy Station

 Modern Retail talks to Rebecca Hanson, Director and Co-Founder, of the delicious and retro sweet shop "Kandy Station" where bespoke chocolate bouquet can be found and demolished.               MR: How

VM and Display Show

VM & Display Show 2017

   Hi, please take just one minute to read the following – it will be of benefit for the coming year.  In a changing retail world, stay inspired,