clothed mannequin

Getting the most out of Mannequins

  The focus of visual marketing is presenting your products in a way which entices customers into your store - and subsequently into making a purchase.

Retail Recruiting Strategies: How to Attract and Hire the Best Employees

 A happy employee raises the chances of a happy customer. A happy employee also raises the chances of a happy, returning customer. Those shops that have well-mannered and



How Shopify’s User Friendly Applications Help Small Businesses Harness The Power of New Marketing Technologies at Acceptable Costs

 Black.co.uk, the online luxury gifts and accessories brand, appointed Rich Insight in February 2016 to re-platform its website from a bespoke Cold Fusion solution. Following

Inventory Management

5 Key Elements For Successful Inventory Management

 Even the most successful businesses in the retail industry can become more profitable, and everyone can do better work. These are premises that we can