angry customer complaint

How great is your Customer Complaints Procedure?

  I’m guessing you don’t have an ancient, automated phone system which requires aggrieved customers to press number 7 on their keypad, followed by numbers 9,

shoe display

How to display and sell ‘ugly’ products

  Showcasing your actual product stock in your shop windows is the most cost-effective way to create a window display. It signals unambiguously and efficiently to



5 Successful Independent Retailers Reveal Their #1 Marketing Tip

 A recent quote, “marketing is really just about sharing your passion”, got us thinking - it’s great to be able to create and to sell

Stopford & Wells logo

Modern Retail Interview: Stopford & Wells Ltd

 Modern Retail talks to Michael Stopford, Director of  Stopford & Wells Ltd where you'll find the most luxurious accessories a man can get.                     MR: How do you