YOOBIC ONE Supercharges Frontline Teams’ Productivity and Work Experience


Leading digital workplace platform, YOOBIC ONE, features game-changing AI-powered business intelligence capabilities.

YOOBIC, the deskless workforce optimisation leader, today announced the launch of YOOBIC ONE, an all-in-one digital workplace for frontline teams. The unified platform gives frontline employees everything they need to work, learn, and communicate effectively and efficiently, and YOOBIC ONE also features game-changing data analytics, powerful collaboration tools, as well as new productivity features.

YOOBIC’s workplace solutions are already trusted by 300 global brands including top retailers such as UNTUCKit, Peloton, and Lacoste. The YOOBIC ONE launch comes at a critical time, with businesses looking for new ways to overcome pandemic-related uncertainty including labour force shortages amid the great resignation and rising costs — all while pivoting into new business models and striving to provide compelling experiences for consumers.

YOOBIC ONE delivers tangible benefits to retailers with 300+ stores including:

  • Up to 40% time savings for routine operational tasks, and between £1M and £3.6M in total annual savings per retailer
  • 4X increase in training adoption, and a 50X acceleration in training frequency and course completion rates
  • A 3-5X increase in operational performance visibility across the network

Businesses choose YOOBIC ONE to: 

  • Augment their workforce by simplifying and automating daily tasks, enabling learning in the flow of work and driving real-time collaboration and communication with an all-in-one mobile-first solution designed for frontline teams.
  • Elevate their employee experience with improved productivity, upskilling, and targeted communications driving engagement, retention, and career opportunities.
  • Gain actionable business insights with automated and real-time AI-powered intelligence into network-wide operational performance, and full visibility into everything from big-picture trends to ground-level details.

By streamlining management of operational tasks, eliminating busywork, and enabling more effective and effortless communication and engagement, YOOBIC ONE makes it easier for frontline teams to stay motivated and energised. With full visibility into performance and the ability to more easily recognise and reward success, retailers can motivate employees and provide meaningful opportunities for advancement, making frontline work a true career option rather than simply a temporary job.

New predictive analytics features also help YOOBIC ONE users to identify gaps in operations, preempt compliance risks, course correct, and swiftly address areas for improvement to enable companies to outperform the competition. That adds up to a more consistent and compelling experience for customers, driving a 20%-plus increase in sales conversion rates, plus operational efficiencies that typically yield millions of dollars in savings.

“Digital workplace solutions for store associates offer a path to improve day-to-day task compliance, streamline communication across locations and associates, and build associate knowledge and skills quickly and efficiently to simultaneously tackle these integrated challenges,” according to Jon Duke, Research Vice President, IDC Retail Insights, in the Retail Rebound and the Future of the Store analyst brief.

“YOOBIC ONE is a natural product of YOOBIC’s unwavering commitment to driving customer satisfaction, supporting business growth, and creating a better everyday experience that makes frontline work more attractive to employees,” said Fabrice Haiat, CEO and co-founder of YOOBIC. “Our powerful new features are a real game-changer for frontline teams and their managers. We’re giving managers a real-time view of all relevant performance metrics and equipping them to make smarter and more responsive decisions as they navigate the fast-changing retail environment.”