UK’s first multi-charity store opens to shoppers

Charity Super.Mkt

Charity Super.Mkt opened as the UK’s first multi-charity store, selling clothing that has been donated bty 10 UK charities.

This pop-up store was run by a team of volunteers and was initially open for a total of a month at Brent Cross Shopping Centre, being extended to run until the 12th March. The success of this concept has shown that there is certainly space and demand for this to happen more regularly and in various locations around the UK.

The charities in the multi-charity store demonstrated how well collaboration can work to create a beneficial shopping experience while raising essential funds. The charities in this project were Cancer Research, Marie Curie, Barnardo’s, SCT, Havens Hospice, Age UK, All Aboard, Emmaus, Shelter and TRAID.

The concept of the department store was designed by Wayne Hemingway, founder of the Red or Dead fashion brand, and Maria Chenoweth, the CEO of TRAID (Textile Reuse and International Development).

Founders of the multi-charity store, Charity Super.Mkt

What are the benefits of a multi-charity store?

  • Opportunities for collaboration
  • Reduced cost of shop space
  • Ability to engage socially-conscious shoppers with second-hand items
  • Cost-effective items for shoppers
  • Reduced impact on the environment with items being rehomed
  • Brings life to unoccupied retail spaces

What could the future hold for the multi-charity store?

Given the success of this initiative, it could become a regular occurrence to see multiple charities selling items in the same place. Mr Hemingway said that his dream was for the store to become like “the fair coming to down”, with the goal of creating an “exciting” experience for those in the area.

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