The Warehouse – ‘The foundation of your Business’

Kardex Warehouse

Starting the new year off on the right foot can only lead to success! In times of increasing competition, the need to rationalize processes in the area of intralogistics is under constant scrutiny. It can be daunting to even consider an overhaul on your warehouse layout. 

2021 will continue to see major changes in how warehouses manage production and stock.

Firstly, your space doesn’t have to start with a clean slate. It simply means that you can optimise some of your current processes to help you and your staff complete day to day tasks more efficiently.  The warehouse should be considered the foundation to your business and if your current warehouse needs help and you’re not sure where to begin, start by making small changes.  So how do you get started on your warehouse organisation journey?

There are several warehouse organisation ideas to review and consider, but they fall into three major categories: Warehouse Layout, Inventory management and clean workspaces.

If you start with these three it should help you to plan/navigate the organisation process your warehouse may require. Tackling all three at the same time could be overwhelming. Ask yourself is there room for improvement? An opportunity to tame any disorganisation within your warehouse. 

To start pick one or two things which you can implement immediately for the quickest return. The most important thing to keep in mind after organising your warehouse is to review your processes and procedures regularly. Did your changes have a positive impact? Are your employees more efficient? When it comes to facility flow or labels and signage, small adjustments can make a world of a difference. 

Inventory management accounts for just about everything physically in your warehouse.

Without a system in place to keep track of your assets, it can be difficult for your employees to do their jobs. Categorising inventory and using proper storage methods maximises your existing facility and frees up previously wasted space to increase capacity and improve efficiencies.  

Whether the global pandemic has created chaos in your warehouse or things have just slipped, now is the time to get back on track. Organising your warehouse today will set you up for an efficient and successful business today and in the future!

To help get you started Kardex has created a guide 18 Warehouse Organization Ideas to Boost Productivity which delivers insights, tips and processes that will assist in your process.

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