StoreGeni: Changing how people shop instore


There is a new mobile app that can give your customer the best possible experience when visiting your store. It’s called StoreGeni and there is nothing like it on the market.

StoreGeni is born out of the frustration of London high street shopping on the weekend. Haven’t we all experienced endless queues at the check-out, or been unable to find any shop staff to help us locate an item somewhere in the store, or to answer questions about a product? We’ve all had that ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ feeling while shopping too, a feeling you are less likely to have while shopping online because it’s so quick & easy to access online product information, customer reviews, and find out about any ongoing promotions.

StoreGeni has been developed by 2 leading technology-based solutions developers who thought about a solution that brings all the convenience of digital shopping onto the shop floor. This cutting-edge customer-facing mobile application, brings the power of digital solutions to brick & mortar stores to make the in-store customer experience simpler, smarter, swifter and safer as well as creating value for your business by collecting first party data.

With StoreGeni, not only your customers will be able to scan & pay with their mobile device but they’ll also be able to benefits from a range of features such as finding information about a product, benefiting from a special offer, receiving product recommendations, checking customer reviews or ordering an item available in stock but not in store.

StoreGeni is designed to be super easy & quick to integrate with every retailer’s current system and offers plug & play API’s to minimise implementation and maintenance costs. StoreGeni can be tested for free for a couple of weeks in your store, so you can best assess the added benefits for your customers and the added value to your business that StoreGeni can bring.

To discover more about StoreGeni, please request your free demo.

After seeing the demo, if you would like to see the added value StoreGeni can bring to your business & the added benefits it can offer to your customer, we’ll be happy to set you up for a FREE trial in one of your stores for a couple of weeks. Fill out this form to get the ball rolling!

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