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Top Four Spineless Classic Posters

Whilst life can often get in the way, there is no better escape than diving into our favourite book and being absorbed by it’s story.  Spineless Classics offers the unique gift of having every paragraph, chapter heading and italic kept and carefully arranged into a design which fits a standard frame with no words missing. You can have your favourite novel on your wall to deliver an excellent read, time and time again.

Here we look at four of our favourites and Spineless Classics founder, Carl (you can read an interview with him here), explains a bit more about them…  

Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell

spineless classics

A stone-cold classic and probably the one title that made me realise Spineless was finally a serious publishing entity.  The design is really striking in person and includes two columns in a different font, where Winston reads the Goldstein book about the politics of The Party.  The story itself actually finishes about 1/4 of the way down the last column.  The rest is the appendix about Newspeak.  Yes, it really is the whole book!

Casino Royale, Ian Flemming

Spineless Classics

The first of the Bond stories and amazingly mature given what a revolution it was at the time.  People were scandalised by Bond at first, but this design shows his modern reputation for dashing wit and debonair style. We went through a great many iterations before settling on this minimalist but striking layout.

Scouting for BoysSir Robert Baden Powell

Spineless classics

This was a real challenge, with nearly 200 illustrations all carefully placed and captioned as per the original book.  A personal favourite, this includes everything a keen outdoor enthusiast needs to know and is on sale at the “Providore” at Gilwell Park, the home of Scouting.

The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck, Beatrix Potter

We’re branching out into other products now and our Beatrix Potter cards are particularly popular.  People love that it’s a complete story on just 150x150mm!

With so many more titles to pick from, there is a Spineless classic for everyone. To see the all the different novels you can get, visit

And you can view the Spineless Classics wholesale showcase here


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