As one of London’s Top Neon signage manufacturers, we at A1deSIGNS have seen the trends come and go with neon over the years and even throughout the year. 2019 is no different and already, we have seen a few themes and trends rise massively in popularity with customers.

One of the most popular things we get asked for is if can we make a neon sign for a flower wall, or a living wall. Occasionally, we also get asked to make said wall as a backing for the sign, whether that be a smaller panel version or a full scale version. Our answer to both is of course, yes. The next question we get asked is “but isn’t there a risk with the neon getting hot?” 

This is one of the more popular myths that have been spread about neon. When installed correctly, neon is cool / warm to the touch, and poses no risk from overheating. Because of this, it is a great form of decoration for a flower wall and it offers a unique form of lighting that still cannot be replicated by other methods.

Whether pre-mounted on a clear panel, or fixed directly to the surface behind the flower wall, our neon signs help draw people’s eye and creates a fantastic photo opportunity.

Office Decoration

Another way neon is being used, is for decorating an office space, with this growing rapidly in popularity. While the use of neon within an office is nothing new, its uses have been limited in the past to lighting, in the form of Cold Cathode, or branding, displaying the company’s name or motto.

But with the increase in popularity of shared office spaces, neon has found a new home as illuminated art pieces throughout, whether that be in the reception, on each floor, or even above escalators.

Of course, this is not limited to just neon. Even something as simple as floor numbers can be turned into a decorative feature, rather than just something people use to navigate the building. We have made several sets of supersized floor numbers that serve both as a great form of wayfinding and as something that adds to the aesthetic of the building, rather than blending in.

Social Media Use

One of the newer trends we have found, especially in 2019 is the use of it within social media. There has been a large increase in the number of both traditional neon signs and LED neon signs we have made of hashtags, which people can then use at their launch party, or event, or for pictures to promote their brand. Obviously with a hashtag, especially if it is a newer one, the goal is to bring as much attention to it as quickly as possible to help it become mainstream. In our opinion, there really is no better way to do this than with a great looking sign.

LED Neon

2019 has been a big year for LED Neon. We are massive fans of traditional glass neon, having been making it for over 20 years and being involved with it for twice as long, but we understand that there are different requirements for every project. LED neon alternatives have become increasingly popular due to their durability and with our ability to manufacture it in-house, we have been able to make some pretty interesting signs for people, both small and large scale. While it has been around in one form or another for a while now, the product is still in its infancy and we for one are excited to see what advances are made with it in the future.

Photo Opportunities

What better way to promote the opening of a new location, or an event than having a sign that encourages people to stop by and take a photo? It also serves as a great marketing strategy and gives you the opportunity to talk to potential new customers about what you do.

One of the more popular signs we get asked for is a set of wings that people can stand in between, creating a unique form of interaction between the user and the signage that traditionally never existed.

All in all, 2019 has been an interesting year, both for the signage industry and us as a company, finding new and creative ways to adapt all forms of signage to new requirements. We enjoy a challenge, or taking on any project that lets us approach existing mediums from a new perspective and we pride ourselves on working with our clients to achieve the best looking product for their needs. We are always happy to help out with a project, whether it is neon, LED alternatives, or general signage. We can make your new shop fascia, window vinyls and prints for any visual merchandising needs, neon signs for your event and much much more. So if there is anything you need, whether it is a fairly standard project, or something a little different, call, email or pop in to see us and if you are needing any inspiration, check out our website and social media.

Contributor: A1deSIGNS specialises in concept, design, manufacture and installation, through every phase of your project A1deSIGNS is on hand to help you achieve your vision and brand identity.