Shopfitting to Upsell and Cross-Sell


This post first featured in the Modern Retail Guide to Shopfitting July 2019. To read the full ebook click here, or scroll to the end of the page to view on page-turning software.

The organisation of a store has a notable impact when encouraging an upsell, or cross-selling. Shopfitting designed to tempt makes all the difference when encouraging customers to increase their spend instore, and here are four top tips to get you started.

Catch shoppers’ attention

Create eye-catching displays, presenting items which complement each other. Whether it’s selling numerous items as a bundle to up-sell, or placing low-priced items where customers queue, presentation is everything when exciting a potential buyer.

Examples of this can include promoting a mannequin dressed in a full outfit, as opposed to having a single item of clothing on a shelf, or having an entirely themed display to capture the attention of passers-by.

Small and affordable items are ideal when positioned for those in the queue, where waiting customers can keep themselves entertained by adding to their purchases.

Communicate the benefits

Why should a shopper spend more on additional or more expensive items? People won’t buy if they’re not convinced, so place signage and staff in positions where they can easily communicate the benefits and provide further information. Consumers will make a purchase if they understand their need for it, and with effective written and spoken communication, you can quickly create this desire to buy.

Demonstrate the relevance

However well a store is set up to promote additional purchases, if the buyer doesn’t understand why, they won’t buy. A typical example of this is when a cashier offers cut-price chocolate at a till, however this often doesn’t relate whatsoever to the items being purchased. By recommending similar or relevant products, the likelihood of a sale increases greatly, so make sure a customer understands why a specific item is suitable for them through promotions and signage.

Keep it fresh

It’s important to regularly change which products you upsell, so consumers are continuously becoming interested in new products and returning customers remain engaged.

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