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My Simple Sign

Bedford MK43 0RD, United Kingdom
Beckerings Park Road England MK43 0RD GB

Instant and effective, whatever the message!

Take control of signage in your business at a local level with My Simple Sign, a brand new and totally unique complete digital solution. Easy to operate and instant to update, it offers a wealth of opportunity to communicate daily offers, last-minute savings, seasonal or one-off promotions, essential information, product re-calls and anything else you want to tell people about.

From retailers to restaurants, bars to garden centres, and office space to leisure venues. If you’ve got a message to communicate My Simple Sign is right for you!

Retailer Scenario

You have lots of seasonal stock to clear. You’ve put a hand-written note by the stock in store with a discount message but it keeps getting damaged and is a bit lost amongst all of the stock.


Use My Simple Sign for instant communication! Add a photo of the stock, and detail the offer instantly and professionally.

The product comes complete with its own tablet and app, meaning that everything you need is linked up and good to go immediately.