Modern Retail


Emanaged Ltd, 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU
20-22 Wenlock Road England N1 7GU GB

We take the pain out of multi-channel management.

eBay? Amazon? Cdiscount? Walmart? Lazada? Catch? We run these and the other 450 marketplaces at scale for sellers daily across the globe.

Linnworks? ChannelAdvisor? Volo? We know leading channel management solutions intimately. We can help you figure out which one is right for you in a 100% objective manner.

Magento? Khaos? Shopify? Google? Our industry connects a long list of systems operationally and technically. Leverage our consultation power and skip 10 steps ahead.

We are:

  • More cost-effective than an inhouse hire or team
  • More knowledgeable across the wide-ranging industry than any one brain
  • More positioned and equipped to run operations at speed and scale
  • More dexterous at solving the myriad of problems any seller can face

Because we live and breath this industry, you get our collective evolving knowledge and best practice constantly injected and refined into your campaigns, your listing optimisation, your channel promotional strategies and your global growth plans.

A snapshot of just some of our services:

  • Listing optimisations
  • Catalogue management
  • Amazon Marketing and Enhanced Brand content
  • System set up or transition projects
  • Supplier feed integration management
  • International planning and expansion
  • Board level consultancy
  • … so much more!

You focus on what you do best – your product, Brand and company.

We will manage your marketplaces efficiently, effectively, accurately, quickly and with the right knowledge and steps from day one. Weekly reporting, weekly calls, weekly promotions, all delivered to you with visibility.

No risk month to month contracts, free audits and advice and strategic consultation are all part of the offer. You aren’t just getting extra staff to run things externally – you’re getting brain power to bounce ideas off.

With offices in the US and UK, we’re a phone call or visit away.