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Paypod ™ Pay Station: Automating Cash Payments

Why Cash is Dominant

The world is changing, and so is the way retailers manage cash transactions. Despite the diverse types of payment options available to consumers today, cash is still the leading method of payment; it accounts for 85% of transactions worldwide.

Cash is the primary payment method for retailers who mostly deal in low-cost transactions, such as bakeries and coffee shops, and is the most cost-efficient payment option. Cash can create challenges for retailers, and can also lead to counting errors, lack of accountability, inefficient administrative processes, poor customer service, and unnecessary costs.

So what can retailers do to overcome these challenges? The solution is pay station technology that automates cash payments at the point of sale. Cash automation is growing in popularity throughout Europe, specifically in cash-centric retail shops where cash use is high, queues can be long, and labour is costly.

What is a Pay Station?

A pay station is a machine that automates cash and electronic transactions. Customers submit their payment, in notes and coins, and the transaction is managed by software that interfaces with the retailer’s POS. Store associates are able to assist customers without handling payment, and the pay station returns notes and coins to the customer. The associate never touches the cash, saves time and money, and gives the retailer complete control over cash. Because the machine handles the cash, clerks don’t, which minimizes hygiene concerns.

Selecting the Right Pay Station for Your Business

There are numerous options when it comes to finding a pay station, so how do you find the one that best fits your unique needs as a retailer? Choosing a model with a variety of features to customize to your individual needs will help not disrupt your day to day operations. Reliable, high-quality, high-capacity note and coin recyclers that require minimum intervention are a must for simple maintenance and upkeep. Select a design with software that interfaces quickly and seamlessly with your current POS system. A pay station that incorporates a screen provides customer orientation, advertising, loyalty program management and service instructions. It is also very important to opt for a modular solution that can evolve with technology and prepare your business for the future. The most important factor in selecting the right pay station for your business is to partner with a provider who offers remote and on-site technical support for minimal disruption so you can focus on your customers, not on handling cash.

Paypod: Instantly Automate Payments

For independent retailers and their customers, the future of payment automation is now. Introducing Paypod™ – our newest point-of-sale innovation for the retail market. Paypod combines three highly-engineered technologies into one easy-to-install system that delivers the ultimate ease in cash payment automation. A single unit houses a coin recycler and a note recycler that interface with POSlinq™ software to instantaneously connect with any Windows® point-of-sale system.

Designed to meet retailers’ unique business needs, Paypod comes in flexible and modular form. The result is a payment solution that contains everything needed for same-day installation, backed by the security and support of Crane Payment Innovations. For independent retailers looking to minimize labour and reduce shrink, deploying Paypod Pay Stations is great for business.

Paypod comes in two distinct models to perfectly fit any retailer’s needs. The Embedded is designed to maximize counter space, utilize under the counter storage, and visually align with any retail environment. The Hybrid is designed for instant deployment with existing counters and displays, requires no modification to existing hardware, and includes a 17cm display to offer payment guidance to enhance consumer experience.

Not only can retailers enjoy more time servicing their customers, it can be installed same-day so there’s no impact on daily business. Installation will not disrupt day to day store operations as installation involves no hardware changes or software development. Our sleek design fits into any store’s environment, whether it’s on top of or underneath the counter.

Paypod is more feature-rich and advanced than any pay station solution on the market. Paypod is ideal for independent retailers because it takes every retailer’s unique situation into account with two distinctive models, the Embedded and the Hybrid. This modular solution is designed to evolve with payment technology.

But it’s what’s inside that counts–our three highly-engineered technologies include POSlinq™ software that instantly connects with any Windows® point-of-sale system to manage cash transactions, our industry-leading note recyclers that deliver fast, secure cash validation, and our high-speed coin recyclers that increase throughput and efficiency.

Our service is unmatched; every Paypod is backed by our global team of technical experts and industry-leading service and support. Live support is available to our Value Added Reseller partners 20 hours a day, five days a week.

Paypod Pay Station stands apart from competitors because it uses the fastest, high-capacity cash handling equipment, has the most flexible design options and has the ability to adapt to future payment technologies.

Paypod allows retailers to minimize the amount of time they spend handling and counting cash so they can focus on better service to their customers. Paypod will reduce shrinkage by securing cash with a robust enclosure and a multipoint locking system. It also puts an end to hygiene concerns by eliminating the need for cashiers to handle money and food. Retailers can deploy Paypod instantly with an easy interface to any Microsoft® Windows point-of-sale system.

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