Pannone Corporate to host fashion law webinar

Pannone Corporate Fashion Law webinar

Law firm, Pannone Corporate, will host an exclusive online event next month, ‘How close is too close’, providing practical insights on launching new products or garments that may be too close to that of another retailer or brand.

The webinar will provide fashion retailers, buyers and designers with useful tips on identifying, assessing and minimising the risk of launching a design, when it should be changed or abandoned, and when you can be confident in backing a design against copying allegations.

The training session will cover a number of recent key legal decisions relating to garment and footwear design, guidance on how to avoid a claim, how to assess the risk that a garment is too close to another design in the market, and other factors to consider in a ‘too close’ situation. 

Melanie McGuirk, IP and media partner at Pannone, who will be hosting the event alongside associate partner, Sarah Bazaraa, and director, Alexandria Winstanley, said: “Fashion retailers, both large and small, launch fresh designs every season, drawing inspiration from a myriad of sources and creating fashion trends. Innovation and creativity are celebrated, but legal problems can arise when designs get ‘too close’ or are copied. 

“Fashion brands and retailers often come into conflict with one another, seeking redress for the alleged infringement of intellectual property rights through the removal of the items from the market and the payment of compensation.

“However, there are steps which can be taken to assess and minimise the risk of a legal claim. The aim of this workshop is to look at ways of how to resolve a dispute more quickly on receipt of a complaint without it escalating into a more formal legal dispute.” 

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