New Earth Day concept store: 00.thestore

00.thestore Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day, 00.thestore has opened in Rathbone Place, off Oxford Street. Bringing more than 70 of the most innovative and eco-friendly brands that live online to physical retail, shoppers can get unique access to see and purchase products in person.

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is an annual event to support environmental protection. It is held on April 22nd every year, having begun in 1970. In the retail industry, this day is often used to showcase some of the brands leading the way in environmentally-friendly retail.

00.thestore’s pop-up

Bringing hundreds of the most innovative and exciting sustainable brands, the 00.thestore concept store is a platform for brands that live online to meet their customers in real life. Their goal is to leave people feeling excited about sustainability and inspired to move closer towards a more waste-conscious lifestyle.

The pop-up is open from Friday 7th April – Wednesday 10th May.

To visit the 00.thestore pop-up, visit 9 Rathbone Place, W1T 1HW, London.


Brands snapshot

Beauty and wellness: Albiva, Bao Skincare, Biork, Carbon Therory, Dead Sea Dream, Dibia, JAO, Mirror.Water, Restored, Scintilla, SOP, The Natural Africa, We Are Concentrate, HANX, Fluus, Fine Bone. 

Fashion: .blacktogrey, ARLOE, Blue Nude, Celosia _RE, Charlotte Dunn, DAIGE, Dala, dionofpaeania, Emiko, Lorna Earth, Love Hero, Radish, Lydia Bolton, Sulke Clothing, Tummy Ache, We Are We Wear. 

Accessories: Yogi Bare, AMARI AMARI, Boody, Emily Sorrell, Frida & Florence, Inouar, Kyodai, Vivi Fruliane, Wires.

Home and lifestyle: Wablu, Neat Clean, House of Elie, Frizbee Ceramics, Brûler

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