Marc Jacobs Celebrates Pride with sensorial experiences


This summer, Marc Jacobs Fragrances reveals a scented Perfect Pride sensorial experience at Observation Point, Southbank, London and Canal Street, Manchester Pride 

The Perfect Marc Jacobs fragrance, launched in August 2020, is inspired by Marc Jacobs’ personal belief that we are all perfect as we are and is symbolized by the word ‘perfect’ tattooed on his wrist. 

To celebrate self-expression and spread love and positivity during Pride, a unique scented experience will appear in London (July) and Manchester (August). 

The Pride celebration at Southbank Observation Point between 1-2 July celebrated Pride weekend. This also marked the beginning of a partnership with LGBTQIA+ charity AKT to support their fight in youth homelessness in the community. The 2-day London event kicked off on 1 July, followed by Manchester Pride Weekend between 26-27 August. 

The scented Marc Jacobs Perfect Pride rainbow welcomes everyone to join the Pride celebration by creating their own Perfect Pride moment at this sensorial experience, using a unique Marc Jacobs Perfect Tik Tok branded effect to create their own spotlight moment. Complimentary Marc Jacobs Perfect fragrance samples will also be handed out to offer passersby a chance to experience this uplifting scent. 

A Perfect Pride People’s Playlist will be curated via suggestions from friends of Marc Jacobs Perfect including Yasmin Finney, Tayce and Jodie Harsh, as well as Dazed editorial team’s own all-time favourite Pride anthems. The Perfect Pride People’s Playlist will be played throughout the weekend to add to the celebration vibe. 

The experience will also put a spotlight on the charity partnership with AKT to educate the public on their mission and an opportunity to contribute with donation on location. Marc Jacobs Perfect fragrances will be sold on site where all proceeds will go towards AKT. 

To find out more about this unique activation, simply click here to register using the Eventbrite page for a chance to win exclusive VIP access to ‘Perfect Pride Hour’ celebration on 1 July with surprise DJ performance to kick off your ultimate Pride weekend in London between 6-8PM! 


Friday August 26 & Saturday August 27 (11am-8pm) 


Manchester: Canal Street, Manchester, M1


“Pride – it’s not acceptance or tolerance. It’s self-love. It’s an appreciation. It’s self-respect. It’s allowing myself to feel everything and allowing myself to be all the things that I am. Sometimes, it’s just feeling the joy for having that self-love,” says Marc Jacobs. 

Every movement is a Pride movement. We’re spotlighting your own #PerfectPrideMovement by inviting you to our Marc Jacobs Perfect Pride experience. With the world’s first scented Pride Rainbow that brings our unique TikTok Perfect Pride effect to life to spread love, positivity, and celebrate being perfect as we are! 

To support the LGBTQIA+ community, this Pride marks the launch of an ongoing partnership with AKT, youth homelessness charity, supporting the LGBTQ+ charity in fighting to create better futures for young people. 

To learn more about AKT and make a donation please visit – 

Learn more about creative agency, Cult

A first-of-its kind multi-sensory Pride activation led by creative agency Cult, to spread love, positivity and celebrate 50 years of Pride.

Cult delivered services ranging from strategy and creative development to experiential production and execution for this campaign for Marc Jacobs Fragrances. 

Cult’s vision for the campaign, which was narrated by a queer led creative team, embodies all aspects of a diverse and contemporary culture. At the heart of the campaign, it was about showing up for the community and uplifting people through the senses — after a difficult two year hiatus on the event which stopped queer folk from being able to celebrate together, it was more important than ever to create a space that’s truly welcoming, safe and inclusive for ALL.