Managing Ecommerce Returns

Returns are, of course, a growing issue for the ecommerce industry. As the size of the industry grows, so too does the number of returns.

But the consumer attitude to returning goods has shifted too. Shoppers unquestionably expect to return unwanted items for whatever reason. Not only that, but the whole returns experience is expected to be convenient, speedy and, often, free.

Meanwhile, returns are a thorn in the side for retailers – an inconvenient truth, biting into profit margins. 

However, they can and should be seen as an opportunity for retailers to do things better than the competition. Managing returns efficiently will save time and cost for the retailer. It will also positively affect customer sentiment towards the brand.

This ebook, written in partnership with BITO Storage Systems, gives practical advice on how retailers can manage the returns process efficiently – saving money and improving customer loyalty…