Is your warehouse prepared for tomorrow’s challenges?

Prepare your warehouse

Throughout the retail sector, competitive pressures are driving the demand for fast, more accurate order fulfillment.  Your customers everywhere are demanding faster access to the goods they purchase – Covid-19 has speeded up a process that now demands same day and next day delivery as well as in-store pick up.  

According to research firm e-Marketer, last year the global ecommerce market reached a staggering $25 trillion. To keep up with this demand there has been major innovation taking place behind the scenes and out of sight of customers.  But without the right combination of people, processes and systems, retail companies will quickly find themselves falling behind in the order fulfillment game.

The advances in warehouse-automation technologies and the increased use of optimised picking and fulfillment design strategies is now readily available. Retail companies need advanced strategies in order to stand out from their competitors but for many they may feel its cost prohibitive.

The beauty of today’s automation options for retail companies is that its inherently modular in nature and can be implemented in phases. This allows your inventory, picking and packing operation investment costs to be spread over time, enabling a phased movement of processes.  This will deliver support for the training of staff as well as a step by step analysis of the experience over time to determine time and labour saving as well as overall return on investment.  

To find out more about modular automated storage and retrieval systems Kardex has developed their Automation Knowledge Center which provides comprehensive, research-based materials to effectively navigate your retail challenges and suggest ways to integrate accurate, fast, and reliable processes.  Gain advice from industry experts and find out the latest automated warehouse solutions to accelerate returns management processes, optimise order fulfilment, and improve warehouse logistics. 

Kardex is the market leader in dynamic modular storage and retrieval systems.  If you wish to learn more about Kardex Remstar visit us at

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