Instore Creativity Award shortlist announced

Instore creativity award shortlist

Entries to the Instore Creativity category of the 2022 Good Retail Awards have showcased many impressive examples of innovation to benefit retailers, customers and the industry as a whole.

We would like to take the time to say thank you to all who entered. The number of inspirational stories shared by so many in the industry made it a privilege (and a real challenge!) to narrow them down to the final shortlist.

The Instore Creativity Award recognises retailers who have implemented an instore design that delivers a stand-out customer experience. It focuses on those who have used innovation to drive more customers into their store and increase customer satisfaction.

Modern Retail is delighted to announce the official shortlist for the Good Retail Awards’ Instore Creativity Award.

The Instore Creativity shortlist is as follows:

Agha Home

Agha Home has showcased instore creativity in their approach to creating a captivating retail space that engages both customers and creatives while supporting local artists.

Going above and beyond the traditional home and gift shop experience, Agha home has made its shop feel more like a gallery space, carefully displaying a wide range of collections in ways that celebrate and support local artists and makers as well as situating them harmoniously alongside curated designer home and gift collections. Their re-design of the interior of the shop has seen the colour scheme of interior walls changed, as well as adding ambient and gentle lighting to draw attention to displays and enhance the atmosphere. Tapping into the increased number of people going for walks throughout the pandemic, Agha Home made a dramatic change to its window display, creating two sculptural structures, one in each window to effectively showcase more of their collections and encourage click and collect sales.

Agha Home’s use of imagination and creativity in their instore design has worked to successfully engage the community and provide an immersive experience for customers.


Postmark introduced a new addition to their Wimbledon shop, adding an element of drama to their instore design which has tied in perfectly with the products that they sell.

Adding a cherry blossom tree at the centre of their store, Postmark created a focal point that draws customers instore, as well as helping them to practically display their Jellycat toys. Postmark also created a writing snug, a neon-lit, comfortable and quiet corner, just beyond the cherry blossom tree, for customers to be able to sit and write their cards. This space is regularly used by those in a hurry to write a card before they head off to a party, or ones that they wish to be sent by Postmark’s in-house postal service.

Their innovative instore design has created more of an experience for customers, helping creativity to flow instore and creating a memorable visit for everybody that enters the Wimbledon store.

Healthy Pet Store

Healthy Pet Store introduced a fantastic initiative that grew instore engagement while showcasing the new arrival of the autumn/winter Pomppa doggy jackets.

Their instore red carpet ‘catwalk’ for dogs was designed to drive more traffic into the shop while sparking interest in the new range of products. This creative idea successfully captured the attention of passersby, as well as regular shoppers as dogs strutted their tails up and down the catwalk and posed for the camera. The stand-out idea received much attention from those in the area, as well as visiting customers, with many people asking if their dogs could also take part. Photography was taken from the event which was also shared on social media and in the press to grow further awareness.

Healthy Pet Store’s innovative idea perfectly showcased products in a creative way and tied this in with their target market, boosting footfall and customer engagement instore.

Form Lifestyle Store

Form Lifestyle Store has created a calm and relaxing environment, where handmade items are beautifully displayed, as well as offering an instore experience that shares and celebrates the stories of every product.

When customers visit Form Lifestyle Store, they are able to speak with knowledgeable members of staff about the journey of each product. Using their space to host creative workshops with the makers of products, Form Lifestyle Store encourages engagement, allowing customers to make pieces themselves with the guidance of skilled makers. Also using their retail space to host pop-ups, their shop creates a truly immersive and experiential retail experience.

Form Lifestyle Store’s ‘hands-on’ approach to retail enables them to truly tell the story of every product that they sell, engaging customers while also supporting makers.

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