How Self-Service Kiosks Benefited Businesses in Retail in 2019

According to newspaper headlines, 1 in 10 shops on the high street are now empty in the UK and busy consumers are shunning the traditional high street experience. Retail businesses are responding with new in-store technology, such as retail tablet stands to drive sales and increase footfall. iPad and tablet POS enclosures offer huge flexibility, making them a popular choice for shops, restaurants, gyms and more. 

Tablet and iPad retail kiosks are also an excellent way to engage customers and increase brand awareness. They can be synonymous with your brand and the customer experience you provide. Take McDonald’s, for example, and their revolutionary self-service restaurant kiosks.

The key benefit of iPad retail kiosks is that they are a multi-channel solution and can be configured in countless ways to suit the business’s needs. For instance, replacing clunky checkouts and offering a more functional solution for customers and staff.

Improved customer loyalty

Nordstrom is an American chain of luxury department stores that is also well-known for its worldwide online store. They are renowned for customer-centric marketing that has kept them one step ahead of their competitors.

Nordstrom came to imageHOLDERS for custom-made touch screen retail kiosks. They were looking for ways to improve its customer loyalty programme and enhance their customer’s shopping experience. 

To boost their loyalty programme, we designed an intuitive iPad retail display stand. The retail display stands allow customers to interact with the loyalty programme with ease. 

Nordstrom’s new in-store kiosks are also a vital extension of the Nordstrom marketing strategy, capturing vital data for customer analysis.

Unique shopping experiences

Nordstrom’s digital strategy has seen them grow from strength to strength, with 30% of their revenue attributing to online sales in 2018. Therefore, implementing retail tablet stands across their department stores was a natural progression. 

To improve their customer’s journey and merge their online/offline shopping experience, Nordstrom installed Slimline Plus 10 touch screen kiosks in their changing rooms. Allowing customers to order different colours and sizes at the touch of a button, thus increasing sales. The kiosks also enable customers to order the clothes they’ve tried online, transforming the shopping experience for customers who don’t want to carry shopping bags around.

Streamlined fast-food

Chiktopia is a new fast-food concept in the UK. They came to imageHOLDERS with the vision of getting customers in and ordered within 2 minutes. To reduce queues and long waits for food, we installed several custom Shell+ 22 compact tablet kiosks in their restaurant. Their new tablet POS enclosures include a barcode scanner, receipt printer and pin entry to the device. Now customers can customise their order and pay swiftly, for the ultimate fast-food experience. 

Alastair Gordon, Managing Director, Chiktopia said: 

“We’re really happy with the product. We are aiming to achieve a frictionless customer connection with these kiosks and our target is to get customers in and ordered within 2 minutes. We initially tried a different solution that didn’t work, and imageHOLDERS came in 2 weeks before opening and pulled it out the bag. It’s been a really good experience.”

Better POS Systems

Busy restaurants and food chains rely on their POS systems for a smooth sales process. Tablet and iPad POS stands intuitive design leaves no room for mistakes and are ideal for use within the restaurant industry

Crepeaffaire wanted to invest in secure and modern POS iPad kiosks that their staff could use with ease. The Crepeaffaire restaurants have a modern feel and they wanted to reflect that in their POS systems. For Crepeaffaire, we installed our secure Shell+ tablet enclosure which is used as a POS ordering system using Lightspeed software.

Catalina Gomez, Central Operations Manager, Crepeaffaire LTD said:

“The kiosks were easy to install, and staff are finding them simple to use. The ordering process was simple, and imageHOLDERS were incredibly helpful. The kiosks are a stylish addition to Crepeaffaire, and we look forward to continuing our work with imageHOLDERS.”

Retail tablet solutions are a valuable tool to make omnichannel sales a reality, from increasing transactions, customer retention and personalised in-store experiences. It also goes beyond the customer journey, as digitalisation will empower retail staff, enabling them to provide an exceptional level of customer service.

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