Future Stores: Upgrading Bricks and Mortar

future stores

The Future Stores benchmarking report is now here! See how Europe’s leading retailers are harnessing technology to create captivating in-store experiences in Upgrading Bricks and Mortar. Did you know that 80% of retailers are increasing their spend on in-store innovations this year?

With consumers expecting flawless continuity between all channels a brand offers, the pressure is on for retailers to create a captivating in-store experience. So, where are the key players investing? What technologies do they have their eye on? How are they keeping ahead of the competition?

Our latest report was conducted by interviewing over 100 Heads of Digital and In-Store Transformation from Europe’s retail giants. They gave us an insight into where they’re investing, and how they’re putting the customer right at the heart of their stores.

Inside you will discover:

  • How many brands are investing in new digital technologies 
  • How effectively companies are tracking customer behaviour in-store
  • Attitudes to digital adoption in-house. Are teams yet to be convinced?
  • The future of AR & VR in retail
  • Benefits of using mobile in-store, for both customer and employee

Discover more in the Future Stores report Upgrading Bricks and Mortar.