Europe 2020: Ecommerce Region Report

RetailX has just launched the Europe 2020: Ecommerce Regional Report, a full and in-depth analysis of one of the largest and most diverse B2C ecommerce markets in the world, available to download at priced at €999 or free to download for retailers. 

The Ecommerce Regional Report 2020 offers an on-the-ground perspective of the ecommerce sector in Europe, with country-by-country and sectoral analysis, 27 interviews with heads of leading national ecommerce associations and other valuable information for merchants, policymakers and other stakeholders. The report also covers leading and preferred payment and delivery methods for each country, and offers quantitative analysis of leading marketplaces. 

The Europe 2020 report comes out at a time of uncertainty all over the world. The COVID-19 outbreak, and its restrictions, have had a major impact on business and consumer confidence. While physical shops have maintained supplies of essentials, ecommerce has played a crucial role in maintaining economic activity in Europe. Retailers of all sizes have accelerated their digital transformation, further developing existing and new omnichannel commerce solutions. In their report RetailX in partnership with Ecommerce Europe and Eurocommerce, the most important ecommerce and retail trade associations in Europe, explore the impact of COVID-19 on ecommerce and discuss the strategies that could be employed to increase the growth of ecommerce in Europe. Few regions around the globe can boast the same level of connectivity between countries in terms of infrastructure, trade policy and the single market. Yet despite these foundations, Covid-19 has placed a heavy strain on the logistics of ecommerce trade across Europe, leading many consumers to buy online more often from local suppliers.

The 2020 report breaks down the spending power of Europe country and region showing that Western Europe is still the most developed ecommerce market in Europe with 70% market share of the total business-to-consumer (B2C) online turnover and the highest number of e-shoppers (83%), followed by Southern Europe with a 15% market share of the total B2C online turnover. Northern Europe (7%), Central Europe (6%) and Eastern Europe (1%) have the lowest market shares.

Other key trends identified in the report show that in 2019, the top three countries showing the most significant B2C ecommerce turnover growth were Romania (30%), Bulgaria (30%) and Spain (29%). Furthermore, the findings show that the country with the highest percentage of e-shoppers (94%) in 2019 is the United Kingdom, followed by Denmark (86%) and Germany, The Netherlands and Sweden (all at 84%).

The Europe 2020: Ecommerce Region Report includes:

  • Comments from Ecommerce Europe and Eurocommerce, the most important ecommerce and retail trade associations in Europe
  • Overview of the European B2C online retail market (34 countries)
  • Country rankings in important ecommerce logistics indices
  • Country data pages with detailed charts and graphs
  • Q&As with 27 national ecommerce experts associations throughout Europe
  • Case study Q&As with leading experts in European ecommerce: Corsearch, Holland International Distribution Council and Revolte Studios
  • Partner perspectives: Asendia, ChannelAdvisor, Vtex and PFS
  • Case studies: Brexit, Covid-19 and M-Commerce