Eight ways tablets can revitalize retail

Increasingly, retailers are experimenting with ways to merge the online world with the physical one. Rather than directly competing with e-commerce, bricks and mortar retailers are focusing on ways to enhance the in-store customer journey. By offering a seamless and engaging physical experience, brands can entice consumers to visit them in-store. Tablets are a cost-effective and versatile solution to a refreshing in-store experience. From the seamless point of sale (POS) to digital signage to product guides, here are eight ways tablets can revitalize retail.

Perfect for POS

Using a tablet for point of sale makes the payment process more versatile for both employee and customer. With the latest technology and updates, internal processes are fast and accurate. Inventory is up-to-date, meaning employees can relay the most accurate information to customers, payments can be taken quickly and seamlessly and can be integrated with mobile payment systems (such as Apple Pay). Using a tablet as a point of sale gives your employees the tools to deliver the best possible customer service.

Although practicality is important, for some, it’s the beautiful design that makes a Bouncepad ideal for point of sale. The creators of Jefferson’s ice cream shop in Balham were especially concerned with the aesthetics of their new store. Co-founder Christopher Thompson explained, “You go into a lot of shops and there’s this big chunky till machine and it takes away from everything else you’ve done. We spent an inordinate amount of time worrying about that because we have this beautiful natural stone top. The last thing I wanted to do was clutter it down with loads of hardware.”

Seamless showrooms

The introduction of advanced technology in retail has bought with it a new form of selling and buying – showrooming. Showrooms are a great way for digital brands to expand; stores are focused on the selling element whereas showrooms concentrate on the experience side of things. In a climate where rent is soaring, and consumers are seeking a seamless and memorable in-store experience, showrooms are the perfect middle ground.

Since opening in 2011, Polette has been revolutionizing the eyewear market with its low prices and stylish frames. Primarily an online store, Polette was searching for a way to bring its online shop to the real world. Combing tablets with Bouncepad enclosures was a simple solution for making their entire product range available without filling up space with stock. Florijn Steenhuisen, market developer at Polette explains “We are an online concept and we have these showrooms as the physical expression of the website. People still order on the website when in-store, but we want to show them that they can trust us and give them a nice way of placing that order.”

Personalised products

Encouraging customers to engage with your brand is a sure way to get that extra edge over competing retailers. By installing the elegant white Bouncepad iPad floor standRalph Lauren achieved exactly this. Using an app, shoppers are empowered by being able to customise their own polo shirts; increasing dwell time and customer satisfaction.

Dominating displays

Digital signage is a simple replacement for your printed materials such as posters and banners. This creative and eye-catching visual material can promote new releases, sales and store-specific discounts. You can track engagement and optimize your visuals accordingly. Content can be changed based on season, location and time, without needing to visit the print shop. If it’s sunny you could focus your digital signage around sunglasses, offering promotions to encourage sunglasses sales. This type of personalization means you are always relaying relevant information to your customers, driving sales and improving their overall experience.

Engage and entertain

Increasingly, brands are installing lounge bars for weary shopping partners. Equipped with Bouncepad iPad kiosks, customers can play games, watch videos and browse look books of the season’s latest trends. Encouraging engagement with user-friendly technology, shoppers are left relaxed and entertained while their companion continues to search for the perfect outfit. Tommy Hilfiger’s flagship store in Germany exercised this possibility, the IT director of their parent company PVH stated that “Bringing the digital brand into the store environment creates more touchpoints for the customer, increases dwell time, and makes for more engaged shoppers.”

Phone a friend

When shopping alone, feeling confident in your purchase can be hard. Tommy Hilfiger found the solution for these single shoppers. Installing Bouncepad’s wall mounted iPad kiosks into dressing rooms, customers can snap a full-length photo and upload it straight to their Instagram account to get that much-valued second opinion. Photo booths not only increase dwell time but encourage social sharing, spreading the word of the efficiency and enjoyment offered by your brand.

Empowered employees

Employing the use of tablets takes some of the pressure off your employees. In-store iPads can take care of monotonous tasks like scanning and offering product information, freeing up staff so they can concentrate on providing the best customer service possible. As well as allowing them to make the most of their human qualities to deliver a more personalised experience to your customers, tablets can also empower your employees. Making information accessible at all times, sales assistants can access up-to-date inventory, customer profiles, purchase history and wish lists meaning they can provide more accurate information. Knowledgeable staff help to drive more sales and make your customers feel supported and satisfied with their in-store experience.

Click and collect

Click and collect is a method of delivery where people buy goods online and opt to collect them from a local store or collection point. Offering a combined online and offline service allows you to accommodate your customers. They take their delivery options seriously, so you should too. In fact, 95% of shoppers said they would potentially go elsewhere if a retailer didn’t offer enough delivery options.

Offering click and collect at checkout will improve customer satisfaction. Giving consumers more options to buy with complete convenience can only results in happier customers and fewer abandoned carts. As a delivery method that is now expected by shoppers as a standard shipping option, you could lose out by not offering it. Allowing the customer to select a location and time that is more convenient for them makes the purchasing decision easier.

If you’re keen to implement any of the above in your store, check out our full range of enclosures here. If you’d like to know more, email us at hello@bouncepad.com for more details.