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Digital agency have developed a revolutionary website plugin, that includes a set of tools which enables rapid revenue growth

Built by, the software house providing technology and website platforms for many successful UK retailers, who have clients including fashion-powerhouses Ben Sherman, Yours Clothing, Moss Bros. and Roman Originals.

Vybe is a revolutionary toolkit for managing content, visual merchandising products, optimising website search and giving website control back to the marketing and merchandising teams. As a headless platform, Vybe plugs into and sits on top of any existing eCommerce platform, leading to rapid and significant transformation to your website. Comprising of a suite of cutting-edge tools allowing you to optimise customer experience.

“We have been building successful ecommerce technologies for over 20 years and have now distilled our experience into one cutting-edge toolkit – Vybe. This is what we believe is the best-of-breed content management, merchandising, search functionality and more in a headless package that can easily be plugged into any existing platform and technologies. We can’t wait to see the results our clients will achieve with Vybe and I am incredibly excited about the future.”    – Mark West CEO

Vybe officially launched at IRX 2019 with over 200 people enquiring about the new solution.

Vybe is the UK’s first transformation toolkit that gives back full control to the retailer, where merchandising and marketing teams no longer need to request developers to make the changes they are desperate for.

Although only officially released to the general public at IRX, Moss Bros have been piloting Vybe for a while now and this what they had to say about it.  

“For us, Vybe has completely revolutionised the way we work! We used to have many systems and tools that didn’t work well together, all plugging into our site and causing speed issues and management inefficiency. Now, our full eCommerce team use this central system with ease.  I cannot recommend Vybe enough for any online retailer out there looking for next-gen control of their ecommerce platform”
Matt Henton, Head of eCommerce at Moss Bros. PLC

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