Digital Impact Award shortlist announced


Entries to the Digital Impact category of the 2022 Good Retail Awards have showcased many impressive examples of innovation to benefit retailers, customers and the industry as a whole.

We would like to take the time to say thank you to all who entered. The number of inspirational stories shared by so many in the industry made it a privilege (and a real challenge!) to narrow them down to the final shortlist.

The Digital Impact Award recognises retailers who are using the digital space to create engaging and innovative marketing campaigns.

Modern Retail is delighted to announce the official shortlist for the Good Retail Awards’ Digital Impact Award.

The Digital Impact Award shortlist is as follows:

Number 1 Plates

Number 1 Plates and Circus PPC Agency set ambitious goals after seeing a drop in overall sales, placing emphasis on driving sales growth by volume and combatting budget wastage, whilst continuing to improve ROI.

Initiating a wide-ranging digital marketing campaign, Number 1 Plates began by fixing their website’s shopping feed and improving reporting to gain more in-depth data and insight that would shape their upcoming decisions. Placing a focus on improving average order values, their work involved promoting higher-priced products. Another aspect of their digital campaign saw the management of short, medium and longer-term strategies, identifying keywords with low conversion rates and using digital marketing strategies to generate more relevant traffic through the addition of keywords and increasing bids. 

Number 1 Plates’ strategic approach to their digital marketing resulted in a significant increase in revenue, sales and ROI, more than doubling the size of their workforce to keep up with the increased demand.

Raja Workplace

Raja Workplace and tmwi created a captivating, multi-channel campaign to tap into the euphoria felt by children, teachers and parents alike when pandemic restrictions were lifted and children could return to school.

The integrated brand campaign they launched covered a range of digital marketing approaches, including SEO, PR, social influencers and creative, with a consistent, emotive story that connected with their audience and raised awareness of their range of school equipment. Raja Workplace’s campaign was designed to resonate with their target audience, partnering with parenting influencers to create fun video content that asked children a number of questions, as well as pairing this with infographic-style images. This captivating content captured the attention of those around the world and exceeded their objectives, resulting in extensive coverage, as well as achieving a large number of backlinks, a significant impact on social media and an incredible reach.

Raja Workspace’s digital marketing campaign was planned strategically to capture the hearts of readers, grow brand awareness and increase sales, all of which they accomplished while inspiring students, parents and those in the education sector.

The Wide Welly Company

The Wide Welly Company designed a wide-spanning digital marketing campaign that celebrated embracing the outdoors when the weather is inclement, with the goal of engaging potential customers, boosting brand awareness and online sales via their website.

This digital campaign took customers on a consistent journey across all channels, utilising photography and video content to raise awareness, alongside a combination of conversational, promotional and educational posts. Social media stories were used to share brand values and promote products while The Wide Welly Company involved external bloggers to help share products to new audiences. An in-depth SEO strategy was also launched, with topics tying into their theme of the outdoors and Autumn. As well as boosting search engine rankings with this strategic approach, their website was also updated, taking customer feedback into account to make a seamless customer journey across devices.

The Wide Welly Company’s digital marketing strategy has enabled the team to achieve their objectives of increasing awareness of their brand, most notably on Instagram, alongside increasing their website conversion rate and growing their number of newsletter subscribers significantly.

Harts of Stur

Harts of Stur used a combination of digital and print channels to increase KitchenAid’s market share of the premium blender sector and make Harts of Stur the number one destination to purchase these products.

Their digital marketing strategy involved designing enhanced product pages for the range of KitchenAid blenders. This included a range of lifestyle imagery, videos, recipe inspiration, key USPs and colour options bring used in promotion, captivating customers’ interest. There was also a comparison page made, allowing customers to compare various features and determine which blender was the right fit for them. This was accompanied by social media content, an email campaign, online advertising and Google Shopping branded ads, growing the reach of the brand significantly in a targeted way.

Harts of Stur’s digital marketing strategy has worked to successfully grow awareness of the KitchenAid Blender, achieving a significant ROI and being able to directly attribute this to sales.

MandM Direct

MandM Direct set out to impress new and existing customers, redesigning its approach to provide visitors with the right products and forge deep and long-lasting customer relationships.

MandM Direct introduced an improved product recommendation strategy, combining customer data, including intent and design tools to drive revenue, conversion rates and customer lifetime value while reducing abandonment. Committing to making a memorable impression from the moment a person visits their homepage, MandM Direct improved the relevance of products, increased their click-through rate and harnessed real-time deep learning to make personalised product suggestions and upsell.

Congratulations to all in the Digital Impact Award shortlist

We would like to say a huge thank you to all on the Digital Impact Award shortlist, as well as those that entered the award.

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