Improving customer experience with validation

customer experience

Increasing numbers of people are shopping online, meaning that the demand for good customer experience and the need for clean data and better delivery rates are growing rapidly. With more than 40% of ecommerce sales now completed via a mobile device, ecommerce retailers need to ensure their sites are as mobile-friendly as possible.

According to Mobile Commerce Daily, 47% of shoppers abandon mCommerce purchases because the checkout process is too long. Though convenient, the use of mobile phones can also lead to errors being entered due to small screen sizes. Incorrectly entered customer information, such as addresses, mobile phone numbers and email addresses, can have a detrimental effect on the data that online retailers collect in their CRM systems, leading to poor delivery and response rates, and damaging sender reputation. So, what does that mean for the world of ecommerce?

94% of businesses claim that address errors impact their performance and customer loyalty, and almost half of the top 100 grossing ecommerce sites use some form of address validation to ensure that they have correct customer details. However, there is a distinct difference between basic address validation, which allows customers or shoppers to manually enter their postcode and find an address, and the more advanced, that will provide suggested addresses after just a few letters of an address are entered.

PCA Predict’s address validation service, powered by Capture+ technology, allows online shoppers to automatically enter their addresses even more quickly – even when typos are entered. International addresses are found easily due to the predictive capabilities of new Fuzzy matching technology which prioritises addresses nearer the end-user’s location. Capture+ technology reduces the amount of keystrokes required to enter an address by allowing the user to search any part of an address or postcode; suggested addresses appear instantly. This solution helps online retailers to collect cleaner data and reduce the costs of failed deliveries.

Customer experience through email

PCA Predict also provides an email validation service, which helps online retailers to check that the email addresses entered actually exist, leaving them with data that is easier to manage and an increase in email deliverability. PCA Predict’s mobile phone validation allows the customer to discover whether the number entered is valid and capable of receiving SMS messages and calls. It also means that the end user is alerted if they enter an invalid number, allowing them to make necessary changes.

Fast-paced lives mean that when customers do get time to do online bookings and shopping, they want the process to be quick and simple. Validation services offer not only a better online customer experience but also peace of mind for online retailers who can relax in the knowledge that the data they are collecting is going to be cleaner, meaning better delivery rates.

For more information on the benefits of using PCA Predict’s validation services, take a look at our infographic: Validating the ecommerce experience.