Build Better Relationships With Livestreaming


As the COVID rollercoaster rides on, retailers are faced with increased lockdown measures during the critical pre-Christmas sales period. As a result, they are once again having to think of new ways to minimise the damaging impact this can have on their business. Livestreaming is one of the ways for retailers to capture shoppers’ attention and provide an irreplaceable customer experience.

Many retailers have already made the move online, looking for innovative ways to secure sales and build brand loyalty, trialling both new products and new routes to market. 

Livestreaming on social media, particularly Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, is one way that smaller businesses can build a brand presence and sales. If you are new to livestreaming, here are some tips to help make it a successful part of your marketing mix: 

Livestreaming equipment

While mobile phones are capable of capturing great video, invest in good lighting and organise a neutral backdrop that won’t fight with you or your products.


Livestream on regular days, at regular times, so people can plan to be there. Ask your audience if they would like to see additional pop-up slots, especially around key seasonal dates.


Make exclusive, one-time deals part of your livestreaming offer to make your videos a must-watch.


Invite your audience to take a look behind the scenes, meet the wider team, ask questions about new lines and request demos.


Consider running Q&As about new lines or with a guest from one of your suppliers/makers. Deliver ‘how to’ guides – maintenance, use, cleaning, creativity, it can be anything but make it interactive.


Host feedback sessions and VIP focus groups, where loyal customers can test and join in with launches, shape future offers and ideas and participate in demos. Encourage reviews.

Livestreaming is relatively new in the UK, but look out for inspiration from early-adopter brands, such as H&M’s Monki and cosmetics brand, Lancome.

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