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BOING® makes unique and vibrant rope and leather bracelets, necklaces and Rings.

Our rope bracelets are made using genuine climbing and sailing ropes. They are beautifully designed, unfussy, tough and tactile. They appeal to both men and women who love the great outdoors.

BOING® bracelets make perfect gifts, as each one is handmade to order in the UK then despatched by us in its own round embossed tin or pouch.  All BOING® products have a 2-year guarantee.

BOING products are 100% UK handmade and designed in the UK. We are delighted to work very closely with some of the finest UK precision engineering companies and rope manufacturers in making our designs come to life. Every BOING bracelet is made by hand, polished and quality tested here in Berkshire by our BOING team before being shipped out.

How we started BOING – by Kerry Harvey, Director & Co-Founder

BOING was inspired by the ropes my husband relied on for safety in so many outdoor sports he did in the 90’s.

He trekked in S.America, New Zealand, the Pyrenees and Scotland, ice climbed, abseiled, bungee jumped, rafted, water skied, paraglided and loved windsurfing so much he took this passion to every continent, but his big love was being on top of mountains. Amongst others, he scaled Venezuela’s highest mountain, Pico Bolivar at 5,000m, then Nevado Pisco in Northern Peru at 5,752m during which he missed a crevasse by a foot while popping to the loo during the night, so BOING could have disappeared into oblivion years before it eventually arrived.

Ropes were essential for most of these activities and he built up a sizeable collection of them – all tough, beautiful and tactile.  He always felt these ropes could be turned into a colourful, simple and tactile outdoor bracelet with the right connecting clasp for a more extreme sports market in the UK. So that’s where I came in and in 2011 we worked on designing an engineered clasp that is effective, unfussy and attractive and importantly complements these characteristics in the ropes, June 2012 we launched –  we felt so proud to breathe life into BOING.

More detail about BOING Bracelets

We have also insisted that we use only the finest authentic components in manufacturing your bracelet.

Our stainless steel clasp is made from the finest 316L steel. It comes in a matt brush finish and has been milled and manufactured in the UK, using UK steel and then finished and laser engraved individually. We have also introduced clasps made from Solid Sterling 925 Silver plated with 5 microns of 999 Solid Sterling Silver, Solid Sterling 925 Silver plated with 2 microns of Rose Gold, Solid Sterling 925 Silver plated with 18kt Yellow Gold and PVD coated. 

Our clasp is connected by a super-strong neodymium magnet.  This is around 10x the strength of conventional magnets.  This means the clasp will remain extremely secure without any additional screw or tie mechanisms. The simplicity of the connection also makes the bracelet extremely tactile and in our opinion better designed than many other clasps as it has no complicated opening or closing mechanisms that can catch on clothing or have more points of weakness. With a BOING bracelet you just pull hard to open it and it snaps shut firmly with no fuss and gives a pleasing pop each time, ideal for the active wearer!  The magnet is coated in copper and two coats of nickel and as such is water resistant, however if it is used in sea water we recommend it is washed thoroughly daily with fresh water and dried as these magnets may suffer corrosion if the magnet surface is scratched and then exposed to sea water.  This happens in very few cases and we do provide a 2 year return policy to cover this. 

We make no claims as to any physical or biological benefits arising from the magnets within the clasp. BOING bracelets are sold solely as a lifestyle accessory for people who prefer an unfussy item of jewellery that makes a great statement and is tough in all respects.

We source 100% of our authentic sailing and climbing rope only from UK, US & European professional rope companies, with around 75% sourced from the UK.  Every rope has been stringently tested for its specific purpose, be it sailing, ocean racing or mountain climbing.  Most ropes are constructed with a hard inner core and low stretch plaited polyester cove so all are waterproof and tough!

Become a BOING stockist

BOING welcome new stockists, whether they are a jeweller, gift shop, on-line gifts, activity location, fashion and sport stores, airlines or cruising.  We love that the BOING brand is so versatile and can be sold in so many different locations.

Here is a link to our stockist page

We are happy to send information and samples.  If we have a sales agent in your area we can arrange a visit too.

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