BaseKit rebrands with mission for global tech democracy


Award-winning global e-commerce, website and scheduling software builder BaseKit has refreshed its public mission: to drive the tech democracy revolution for start-ups and micro businesses around the world.

Earlier this year BaseKit, headquartered in Bristol, UK, announced £1 million in new funding, as it looks to broaden its portfolio and support the growth of the digital economy.

Alongside a recruitment drive in product development, sales and marketing, including bringing on board a new Marketing Director, the SaaS business has rebranded and launched a new website aimed at re-establishing its core purpose post-Covid.

Access to digital operations, accelerated by the pandemic, has seen nations across the world witnessing large numbers of new business formations in the past two years.

In the UK, for example, more than 800,000 new businesses were launched in the financial year ending April 2021, an increase of almost 22 per cent compared to 2019 and the highest number on record.

Meanwhile in the US, a survey by Intuit shows that 17 million new businesses could be set up in 2022 alone.

However, with estimates suggesting that two thirds of start-ups fail before the end of their first decade, the majority of these new companies are likely to end life before they realise their potential.

Simon Best, CEO, said BaseKit has focused its products to tackle this issue.

“For the past two years we have specifically purposed our software to be a platform from which anyone with a business idea can thrive naturally and with effortless success,” he said.

“We’ve created a simple suite of software – for website builds, e-commerce and scheduling – to help any entrepreneur start a business and thrive online. We want to support that exciting opportunity to make the new tech democracy a reality.

“Our mission is to continuously empower the success and growth of micro businesses around the world. We’ve seen incredibly challenging times for small business owners recently, but also a great opportunity for them to consider how they can profit in new ways from their ideas and brilliance.

“That’s why we want to support the independent, entrepreneurial mindset which, backed by effective, secure and reliable digital products , can give freedom and control to business owners.”

The company’s new strapline Easy does it. underpinned by its new brand essence Effortless success is designed to illustrate how easy and intuitive its products are for anyone with a business idea to use and succeed online.

The brand now also embodies its social and environmental responsibility too with new People. Planet.Profit. messaging to highlight its passion towards its people and the communities it serves, its climate positive agenda and contribution to the future of the digital economy.

With our products used by millions of people around the world already, and backed by more than 100 happy partners globally, BaseKit’s mission to democratise tech is passionately positioned to help underprivileged nations too.

Best says, “Partnerships old and new have seen us support COVID relief funds in Europe – to give both new and struggling businesses the boost they need right now – and to help create new online businesses in underprivileged towns in Africa. The digital tools we offer are super simple for our partners to deploy and their customers to use on the go, which is critical for our mission to put technology in the hands of micro businesses the world over.”

BaseKit, which was set up in 2008, aims to more than triple its turnover in the next three years to over £10 million by 2025. The company has established relationships with some of the world’s leading hosting and telco companies supporting micro business customers across 40 markets.

They are currently breaking into new verticals as more major businesses look to offer a wider and more complete portfolio of digital products to entrepreneurs and micro businesses looking to thrive in today’s digital economy.

A key element in this plan for growth will be the development of its new BaseKit Connect platform, providing a digital one-stop-shop for micro businesses looking to grow businesses in the tech democracy.

“We started our own journey back in 2008,” said Best, “so we know the challenges faced by entrepreneurs. With an estimated 400 million micro business owners around the world potentially looking to use online technology to market, sell and book their products and services, we want to help these people survive and thrive.

“We will do that through simplicity and efficiency in our products. With our recent investment, a renewed sense of purpose to help micro businesses succeed, we are ready for an exciting new chapter of growth.”