Back to Basics: Printed Loyalty Vouchers

While printed forms of communication may be on the decline in general, this is not the case in all areas of retail. In fact, when it comes to loyalty schemes, print remains a preferred method of communication for many. 

A recent study, conducted by Opus Trust Communications has shown that traditional methods of correspondence are most successful when they include loyalty or discount vouchers.

The Hidden Opportunity Market Report found that 90% of consumers regularly collect loyalty vouchers, with 51% of these individuals preferring to receive them by post. The second-most favoured method of receiving loyalty vouchers was found to be via email, with 36% choosing this as their favoured option.

In contrast, only 7% of participants said they preferred online portals, 3% chose apps and 2% opted for texts as their preferred method of receiving loyalty vouchers.

These findings demonstrate that consumers like to have a physical voucher, meaning they still have a monetary experience in retail, as well as being reminded of its existence more regularly.

The same applies whether the voucher is designed to be redeemed instore or online, making it a versatile method of rewarding loyal consumers.

Chief Executive Officer of Opus Trust Communications, Tony Strong, said: “This report has revealed that consumers still rely on traditional methods of correspondence for their loyalty vouchers, despite the growing number of options available such as websites, smartphones and apps.”

Tony Strong went on to speak about the ways in which retailers can create relevant content which aligns with their products. He also highlighted the importance of capturing the attention of your target market with every aspect of communication. He added: “The challenge for companies now is to turn conventional methods of communicating into more engaging, relevant and informative customer experiences.”

Could printed loyalty vouchers be a new way to reconnect with your customers? If so, it could be time to go back to basics.