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5 Marketing Automations for Retailers to Maximise Growth in 2021

There are lots of reasons why retailers should embrace marketing automation. In fact, we wrote an entire blog post on the subject. 

And in 2021, automation has become increasingly essential for retailers. After a tough year, they need to focus on growth. Growth in activity. Growth in sales. And growth in long term customers.

For many, this is a daunting prospect. Particularly with marketing teams being reduced, and budgets being cut.

But with automation, brands can do more with less. They can maintain a steady stream of targeted activity, at little extra cost. Giving them the time and the budget to focus on moving their business forward.

To get you started, here are 5 marketing automations for retailers to help them maximise growth in 2021. 

Abandoned basket reminder

The global cart abandonment rate is roughly 75%. That’s a lot of revenue being lost at the last step.

And there are lots of reasons for this abandonment. Distractions, delivery costs, a complex checkout process, or buyers were simply just browsing. 

Unfortunately, not every reason for abandonment can be resolved. But abandoned basket campaigns can certainly address many of these challenges. And can help brands recover 12% of lost revenue.

Abandoned basket emails are simple, targeted, follow up messages that are triggered when a buyer leaves a website without purchasing the items in their online basket. 

It is an opportunity for brands to remind the customer of these items, to directly address any challenges they may be facing, and provide support where necessary.

Or even offer a discount code as that final nudge to purchase. 

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One-to-one offers 

Everyone loves a discount or promotion. It’s why they are such common email tactics.

But one-size-fits-all offers are old news. Today’s consumer expects personalised offers that are targeted to their specific wants, needs, and interests. 

And there are multiple ways of achieving this.

You can begin with a simple segmentation campaign, placing customers into segments based on their profiles, past purchases, and browsing behaviour. Then send these segments email promotions and discounts targeted to their personas.

Or, you can be more advanced by using dynamic content within your emails and on your landing pages. This will offer a truly personalised experience, as recipients will be advertised specific products based on their past purchases and browsing behaviour. 

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Cross-sell opportunities

Once a customer has purchased from you, it’s the perfect opportunity to further engage with them and grow their purchasing potential.

When a brand is cross-selling they are encouraging the customer to purchase additional products which complement what they have just bought, or are about to buy.

For example, if you purchase some shoes, the brand may suggest you also buy some shoe cleaner. 

In fact, you’ll likely recognise cross-selling tactics from retail giants such as Amazon. Who report that 35% of their revenue is down to cross-selling.

The benefits of cross-selling are that it increases the average order value, whilst also improving awareness of other products that a brand offers.

Win, win.

Cross-sell automations are perfect for both email and websites. They should be focused, visual, and include direct links to the products that you are promoting. 

Another nice touch is to ensure that you are only promoting items that are in stock, and that prices are populated dynamically, so that they are up to date. This avoids any disappointment for the customer when they go to purchase. 

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Post-purchase follow up

The hard work doesn’t stop after your customer makes a purchase.

There’s lots more to be done to ensure that your customer has a smooth post-purchase experience. And wants to come back and buy from you again.

That’s why it’s important to use post-purchase marketing automations to communicate with your customer at every stage of the buying journey.

This includes purchase confirmation, delivery updates, post-delivery check ins, and review requests.

Not only will this reassure your customers, but it will save your support team hours from taking calls and answering messages that could be addressed with a simple email.

It also enables brands to deal with any issues or complaints privately. Before they make their way to social media and review sites.

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Re-engagement campaigns

According to Marketing Sherpa, marketers lose 25% of their active email list, on average, every year. 

While you can’t please all of your recipients all the time. It’s important to proactively address this challenge and claw back as many disengaged subscribers as possible. Before you lose them completely.

Re-engagement campaigns enable marketers to do just this. 

Aimed at bringing back disengaged subscribers, re-engagement campaigns are targeted at recipients who haven’t opened an email in a specific amount of time. Whether that be one month or twelve. 

As this could be your last chance at bringing a subscriber back, make the very most out of this email.

Everything about it should be highly personalised and engaging. For instance, an irresistible subject line, eye-catching design and imagery, and a personalised promotion to entice the recipient back to your store to shop more.

Are you looking to maximise growth in 2021?

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