3PL Fulfilment – How to process your orders without lifting a finger


Using a warehouse management system

Mintsoft is a warehouse management system most used by many fulfilment centres including Abstrakt fulfilment, across the UK and worldwide. The system is designed to integrate with online retailers’ sales channels so that it can automatically process the orders that come in.

Integration into your sales channels

Mintsoft can integrate into almost all channels including the key players such as Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Wayfair, and if not all then it also has the capability to integrate with an API. Most integrations have a straightforward setting up process and once complete, can essentially pull the products/skus from your websites. There is also the option to upload the products via a CSV file ensuring that all items are accommodated for.

Fulfilment – picking and packing the orders

Once the integration is set up on the system, the online transactions are automatically fed through, and the picking team can start to process the orders by picking the item from a location within the warehouse, packing it specifically to the clients’ requirements and then, with the courier of choice specified by the client, dispatch to the customer that same day, providing it is within the relevant cut off time. Another point to note, Mintsoft integrates with most couriers worldwide.

Order and inventory tracking

Clients when outsourcing their fulfilment, receive their own account login which can give them access to a variety of reporting; ranging from inventory/stock levels, date expiry of stock if required, location of items during dispatch time with the courier. In addition to any of their integrations, they can also upload orders themselves manually, as well as manage their returns process. As well as monitor the picking process to see where the fulfilment team are in their picking and packing services. One could argue its as good as doing the fulfilment yourself!

Benefits of outsourcing with Abstrakt fulfilment

One aspect that sets Abstrakt aside from other UK fulfilment centres is our human touch. Each client is assigned a dedicated account manager to deal with any day-to-day queries that should arise and in addition there is access to ecommerce support network for any technical enquires. This allows a direct link to the Abstrakt fulfilment and our clients. Abstrakt also aims to offer a 24-hour response rate whereas most competitors have a much more automated approach. 

By outsourcing your fulfilment, business owners can focus their time on the more important tasks that will enable them to grow their business and increase sales volumes. Lastly, the fulfilment cost can be built into the packaging and dispatch at point of sale to reduce the expenses onto the business.

No brainer really! 

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