Considering a new sales channel? It’s time to think about OnBuy. As one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in the world, we’re going from strength to strength and have more to offer than ever. 

What makes OnBuy a marketplace worthy of your time and trust? We’ll tell you!

For starters, we do things differently to the other major marketplaces. From the beginning, our company has been driven by values of fairness, trust and transparency. Our founder, Cas Paton, realised that the existing marketplace model was broken, so he set out to create a fairer eCommerce ecosystem. Enter OnBuy! 

We aim to be more ethical, more transparent and more trustworthy; we don’t compete with our sellers, hold our own stock or sell our own products. Our marketplace is designed to work for our sellers, not against them, which helps make the marketplace experience better for buyers through improved pricing (thanks to our competitive fees) and more product choices. 

We’re not here to compete with our sellers – in fact, we focus our efforts on growing to benefit them. We’re here to partner with our sellers, support them and keep growing the fair eCommerce ecosystem we’ve created. Our ethos has struck a chord with thousands of online retailers, allowing us to rapidly expand since our launch in late 2016. 

As well as our unique approach, the opportunity for partnership and business growth, we offer our sellers a wealth of benefits – here are just a few:

We offer competitive selling fees. Ranging between 5-9%, our fees mean sellers can price lower and attract more buyers without eating into your margins.

Immediate payment by PayPal. All payments are processed through PayPal, so not only do we never touch sellers’ money, but they’re paid immediately on item dispatch.

Selling with us is risk-free! If sellers make less than £500 in sales in a month, they’ll get our Sales Guarantee, which means we’ll waive the next month’s Standard subscription fee.

Sell with complete peace of mind knowing that eligible orders are covered by the PayPal Seller Protection scheme.

We have a dedicated UK-based team ready to help new sellers sign up and ensure they’re making the most of OnBuy.

And that’s not all: we offer sellers a whole host of additional ways to improve their selling experience. 

We have a Boost service that means sellers can achieve greater visibility for their listings, both on and off OnBuy. Sellers who use Boost only pay for what sells through the increased exposure; we don’t charge for clicks or sales of that product made outside of sponsored channels. Plus, Boost is completely optional – the product marketing we do ensures our sellers make sales regardless of whether they’ve boosted their listings or not. 

All OnBuy sellers get our Transparent Fee Guarantee. We wanted to maintain our fair approach when it came to fees, so we decided to offer fixed, equal fees forever. We know that marketplace fee structures can be complex – plus, are you ever really sure that you’re not paying more than your competitors for the same service? That’s why our fees are fair and transparent, just like us, and all OnBuy sellers pay the same fees, no matter the size of their business. 

As you know, one of OnBuy’s core values is being fair, so our marketplace aims to level the playing field for sellers. After all, why would you want to sell on a marketplace where you know your competitors are being given an unfair advantage? Exactly! 

By now, we’re sure joining OnBuy sounds like a very attractive move for your business – and we haven’t even covered our exciting growth plan yet! We already offer online retailers a way to grow their sales in the UK, but we’re set to take our sellers worldwide: 2020 is the year OnBuy goes global! 

With 5x year-on-year growth in 2019, OnBuy already proved our worth as a strong, viable sales channel for our sellers – and this is just with OnBuy’s UK marketplace. We’re set to launch OnBuy into 22 new online trading locations in 2020. Not to mention, we’ll launch a combined 140 new locations by year-end 2023! 

By creating a tailored, country-specific shopping experience for buyers and capitalising on untapped markets overseas, we can drive OnBuy forwards incredibly quickly – which means sales for our sellers will soar! By tapping into local marketing opportunities to power our local expansion, we’ll become established in each new location quickly, enabling our sellers to sell to every market with ease. 

Our sellers will have the option to use our auto-translation and auto-currency conversion services to make the process of selling internationally even easier. Why try to break into a new market yourself when you could launch into 140 thanks to OnBuy? 

Last but not least, OnBuy are backed by a major venture capital firm. One of the leading firms in the industry, they approached us after our phenomenal 2019 results came in. In case you missed it: in 2019, we created 5x our growth compared to 2018, saw over £1,000,000 in orders for our sellers on Black Friday and had our biggest Christmas to date. Impressive, we know – and we’re not done yet. Fuelled by this partnership, our focus is on further expanding our user base, increasing our exposure and creating sales – all for the direct benefit of our sellers.  

After that, we’re confident you can see why you should consider joining OnBuy. Working with a marketplace that’s fair, transparent and works hard to help you grow your sales can only bring your business positive results. So, no matter the size of your business, we welcome you in joining OnBuy on our journey of rapid growth.