5 coffee packaging design tips from professionals

coffee packaging

Do you know what are the main things people are looking for in coffee packaging? Are you aware of the design strategies that could help make your packaging more attractive? Whether you are looking for an initial concept for your coffee packaging or you want to reinvent or rebrand your products, you are in the right place.

Elevate your coffee packaging design with these five tips from professionals! Keep on reading to learn more.

What is the purpose of coffee packaging?

The purpose of coffee packaging is all about product protection and attractiveness. Coffee is a very delicate product that requires special care to keep its taste and scent qualities. It is vital for the packaging to meet these requirements and provide enough protection from heat, light, and water, keep the grounds fresh and prevent potential external package damage. 

In many cases, customers cannot see the product itself. But even if they did, it is hard to tell much about the taste, ready beverage scent, or the quality of the coffee. Unless you are an expert, of course. Hence, people have to make their purchase decisions based only on the outer packaging. That’s why it is so important to pay attention to the design! 

Coffee packaging is the main on-the-spot advertising means and a huge selling factor for your product. In the next few paragraphs, you will learn what you could do to make it more attractive, alluring, and irresistible.

5 coffee packaging design tips

1. Use color psychology

The power of color psychology is immense when it comes to any type of packaging. Specific colors conjure and invoke different emotional reactions. And this type of emotional response is what would drive a customer to buy from you.

Since the packaging helps form a client’s first impression, here are a few tips on how to utilize color psychology:

  • Green is associated with sustainability and eco-friendliness
  • Red symbolizes passion, action, and energy 
  • Blue communicates calmness, professionalism, and reliability
  • Purple stands for creativity, spirituality, and wealth
  • Pink is a youthful feminine and empowering color 
  • Orange is all about creativity, enthusiasm, and youthfulness
  • Yellow is a playful and spontaneous color that invokes positivity
  • Brown has the homey cozy vibe that is all about nature and wholesomeness
  • Black and white are both neutral colors that are the face of seriousness, professionalism, and minimalism

2. Perfect your typography

Your fonts and typography are just as important as the rest of your design elements. The best way to stand out and be unique is to incorporate distinctive lettering into the packaging design. The most successful strategy would be to use a custom easy-to-read font or the main font from your logo to keep the branding on point.

3. Make it sustainable

Sustainable packaging is a huge thing right now. Most businesses, across all industries, are switching from plastic to recyclable and biodegradable materials. Not only because the demand for eco-friendly products is immense, but also because they get to reap the benefits of going greener. 

These benefits include improving image and reputation, saving from packaging costs in the long term, and protecting the environment. Some of the top sustainable materials to consider for your coffee packaging are cardboard, Kraft brown paper, and paper wrap. These materials are natural, safe, have no consequences for the environment upon disposal, and consumers can actually recycle them.

4. Be consistent

Being consistent with your design across all channels online and offline is extremely important. By staying on-brand with your logo, colors, fonts, and visual elements, you are turning your coffee company into a recognizable brand. Just one look and your clients would be able to differentiate you with ease from competitor products.

5. Tell your brand story

Clients tend to associate brands with their values. In general, people would be more prone to choose your beverage products over your competitor’s if they share your business ethics and principles. One of the best ways to establish this type of connection is to use your coffee packaging as a canvas to tell your story and effectively communicate your brand’s values and mission.