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When choosing your perfect fulfilment partner, there are many points to consider. You need to make sure they are able to deliver in line with your requirements and simplify business, delivering customer satisfaction and a return on investment.

They should also be prepared for any changes to your businesses, enabling you to grow and adapt as required during peak periods and throughout the rest of the year.

This list will guide you to ask the right questions when searching for the perfect fulfilment partner:

  • Experience

The first thing to consider is a fulfilment company’s experience. Ideally, they will have dealt with similar businesses, requirements or levels of demand.

  • Facilities

A fulfilment partner must be able to provide suitable facilities, making sure there is plenty of storage space that meets any specifications you have for your stock, such as lighting or refrigeration.

  • Location

Location should be taken into account, making sure it makes sense logistically for your business. Whether you want to visit the fulfilment centre or warehouse in person, or you need it to be central to common shipping locations, this should be taken into account.

  • Customer service

You must be satisfied with the level of customer service offered. It can be worth speaking to other customers and understanding the amount of support you will receive. Find out how easily the fulfilment partner can be reached over the phone, as well as customer service hours and the ability to meet their team.

  • Cost

Ultimately, fulfilment must fall within your budget. Remember that you may save money on negotiated shipping costs and warehousing, but be realistic about what you are able to afford.

  • Technology

Many fulfilment companies are utilising technology to get ahead of competitors. The likes of automated warehouses are revolutionising the capabilities of fulfilment businesses, so this could be a point to consider.

  • Ability to meet demand

Any fulfilment partner you choose to work with must be able to meet the demands of your business. Make sure they are able to meet your requirements, as well as being able to upscale to meet peak demand and downscale as required during quieter periods.

  • Speed

Retailers need to meet their estimated delivery times in order to achieve customer satisfaction and secure business. This makes the speed of fulfilment an essential point to understand.

  • B2C/B2B

You must know whether a fulfilment partner offers B2C fulfilment, B2B services, or a combination of the two. Make sure they are able to offer what you need, particularly if you are looking for one fulfilment partner to take care of all of your fulfilment needs.

  • Customer reviews

Do your research before choosing a fulfilment partner, reading similar businesses’ reviews to understand others’ experiences and decide whether it’s the right choice for you.

4 Key Benefits of Outsourcing to PHL  

Save time

The number 1 focus of a retail business should be selling. Creating a successful online business takes passion, vision, and a whole lot of time! As your Fulfilment Partner, our job is to make sure your backend operations are run smoothly and efficiently.  In all areas, we match your drive and ambition – to be the best at what we do. That is why our customers are confident to leave the logistics to PHL!

Add know-how

PHL has been in Fulfilment and Logistics for over 20 years. But, what makes us truly different is that we proactively apply that knowledge to provide our customers with advice, support and business transforming solutions. We are incredibly proud of our problem-solving approach and flexibility that combined, deliver a Fulfilment Service you will not find anywhere else!

Save money

By outsourcing to PHL, you can achieve cost savings through improved operational efficiency and lower price points for critical services like couriers, distribution and storage. Our team of experts are on hand to help you design a streamlined logistics process that can flex up and down with your business needs, without building in unnecessary costs or overheads.

Add services

The other key ingredient to online success is great service. Retail customers are demanding and competition unrelenting. You need a Fulfilment Partner that not only offers excellent customer service but also has an eye on future trends to help you always stay one step ahead of the crowd. PHL provides a complete end-to-end logistics solution to include B2B and B2C distribution, order fulfilment, stock rework, giftpack collation and customer service to name but a few.

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Fulfilment partner benefits

5 Easy Steps – How to Move your Fulfilment to PHL

In the current economic climate, strategies for growth will naturally lead most retail businesses to review their logistical operations. But what if you decide your current arrangements limit expansion through a lack of scalability, services, or space? 

Moving your entire fulfilment operation may seem like a daunting task. You may even fear the move could negatively affect your sales and profitability. However, at PHL, we have a team of highly experienced Logistic and IT experts who will help you through every step. You can rely on our detailed planning and 20 years of experience, knowing the whole process will be completed with little to no impact on your business.  

Even more surprising is that moving your fulfilment can be achieved in an extremely short timeframe. Depending on your needs, PHL can move your entire storage and distribution operation in less than a week. You can even continue to process orders and ship stock from multiple locations, whilst the transition takes place. Our powerful Order Management Platform can quickly integrate with your current website and marketplaces. Once this is complete, we can track orders and manage stock across multiple channels and locations. 

Throughout the transition process, you will have access to a dedicated Account Manager, who will act as the central communication point between you and the rest of the PHL team. We pride ourselves on our friendly, problem-solving approach to working with clients, giving advice and solutions to any challenges encountered. Meanwhile, our professional customer service team will ensure your customers receive responsive and highly proactive care. PHL pledge will take care of every concern and turn it into a positive outcome.

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