Window and Product Display Tips

Product display tips

Selling is more about the story than the product and price. Sales are driven by brand image, perceptions, shoppers’ interaction and their understanding of the brand offering.

As non-essential retail reopens, the opportunity for retailers to connect with their brand followers has never been more important – expectations will be high on both sides of the till.

Retailers will be hoping the return of physical customers brings fervent (revenge) shopping and shoppers will be looking forward to retail therapy and becoming immersed in the theatre of IRL shopping- something that simply can’t be achieved through e-commerce.

Successful VM tells stories through display. One of the most direct and narrative ways to do this is through Windows. They are literally the windows to the world for a retailer and when customer expectations are met, they can increase footfall and reaffirm visual marketing.

Our top tips for windows:

  1. Refresh them to keep them current – have a new story for reopening
  2. Welcome customers back, celebrate freedom, a fresh start and outdoor activities
  3. Invest and spend time, typically they are the first physical touch point a shopper has

VM directly affects how a shopper navigates and interacts with the store and product.

When it’s done well it increases sales – ‘silent selling’ is a hugely important part of the customer journey as it is when purchase decisions are made, and when brand perceptions are formed.

The methods of merchandising vary widely with what is on offer but it all hinges on making the customer journey easy and interesting, whilst removing barriers to sale.

Northbanks display tips

Our top tips for product displays:

  1. Ensure they are clearly zoned, well organised, neatly displayed and priced
  2. Continue in-store social distancing measures and update any signage
  3. The store must look fresh, clean, well-lit and not like the doors were opened literally the day the store re-opened after being closed for months
  4. Use retail space, shelves and rails wisely. Balance profitable money-making products with ones that are important for the brand image, create interest and eye-catching displays
  5. VM adds value by adding desire, which is important for the margins! The worst mistake is to cheapen expensive items by displaying them poorly

Retail Design and VM can’t just adapt to changes in retail – it must lead the way! At Northbanks, our work serves our clients – the retailers, who in turn serve their customers, the shoppers.

Whilst our clients know their sector and demographic very well, a partnership with Northbanks Design helps them to better connect with their brand followers and tell their story through great retail experiences, whether that’s physical or digital.

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