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WhatsApp Carts for Retailers

WhatsApp Carts

WhatsApp has launched ‘carts’; the new feature that allows customers to place orders easily. Many small businesses benefit from using WhatsApp to communicate with shoppers, however this previously required lots of back-and-forth messaging. The carts feature has streamlined this, creating an opportunity to combine ecommerce with personalised communication.

What is the WhatsApp Carts feature?

Carts enable retailers with the WhatsApp Business App to simplify customers’ journeys. This new addition allows shoppers to browse a catalog, select multiple products and send their order to you in one message.

It is designed to work perfectly alongside the catalogs feature, giving customers in-depth information about products, while allowing them to stay on WhatsApp and add the products they like into their cart.

The design of WhatsApp’s features means that a retailer can now seamlessly integrate the way that shoppers find products, view them, make enquiries and place an order.

What are the benefits of carts?

There are many benefits to using WhatsApp carts for retailers. These include:

  • Easier to keep track of order enquiries
  • Simple to manage requests from customers
  • Helps to close sales
  • Streamlined communication
  • Less time consuming

There are also countless benefits for shoppers, such as:

  • Easy to place orders
  • Ability to stay on one platform while researching and ordering
  • Being able to message the business easily
  • User-friendly 

Upcoming additions

Believed to be the next big step in in-app shopping, WhatsApp has announced that it will continue to invest in its business features. The biggest addition that WhatsApp is developing is the ability to make in-app purchases and place orders directly from a chat. Hosting services that allow businesses to manage WhatsApp messages are also expected to simplify WhatsApp commerce in the coming months.

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