Videos can help you increase traffic and conversion to your website

videos for retail website conversions

Have you worked on many marketing strategies, and not all of them seem to work? Maybe you haven’t tried video marketing yet. Many people love watching videos. And if you want to grab their attention faster, using a video in your marketing campaigns can go a long way.

Videos not only entertain your audience, they also increase your conversion rate. Can you imagine having content that promotes a conversion rate of 80%? That’s exactly what you get by posting videos on your landing page. Using the various video editors available online, you can craft content that your audience won’t want to ignore.

Apart from promoting an impressive conversion rate, videos help create a good relationship between customers and your brand. Your buyers can easily connect with your brand by just watching your video content

As you market your brand, you want your audience to process your brand information faster. There’s no other way to achieve that than using videos. Besides, people watching your brand videos will retain what they see longer than the text they read.

Effective Ways to Use Video Content to Gain Traffic and Drive Conversions

1. Include Lead Capture Forms at the Start of the Video

As a marketer, you’ll have to work hard to drive traffic to your website. It may be through your social media campaigns, SEO, or even PPC. But what actions should your visitors take after landing on your website?

Once your visitor arrives at your website, you need to capture and convert them. Acquiring traffic won’t return any leads unless you convert a new audience into paying customers. With a lead form in your videos, you’ll be sure to have an increased conversion rate.

Today, including a lead form in your videos isn’t that difficult. However, it’ll be important to insert the lead capture form in the first 10-20 percent of your video. While you create your videos, focus on giving your viewers a compelling introduction that leaves them yearning for more before you ask for their details. That way, you’ll see your subscriber list growing.

2. Use Video Testimonials

Using video testimonials as social proof does wonders for your website. You may have heard the phrase ‘nothing draws a crowd like a crowd’. As a marketer, you need to communicate the value of your product or services to new site visitors. With a customer testimonial video, you have a very powerful tool to induce your customers to trust your brand.

Many marketers tend to over-promote, making it hard for their audience to trust them. A customer will easily trust another customer than a company itself. That’s why you should ask your loyal customers for testimonial videos and feature them on your website so that by videos customers can attract and increase the conversion rate of your website.

While retrieving testimonials from your customers, ask them to describe their experience with the company and the product. Besides that, try to get them to reveal how they experienced certain issues and how your product helped resolve them. Such enriching, informative testimonials will drive more traffic to your site and enhance the conversion rate.

3. Create and Edit Product Videos

Are you aware that about 64-85% of your website visitors will buy your product or services after watching a video? So, you can definitely win their hearts and encourage them to do so by creating well-edited brand videos. Editing shouldn’t be stressful. Even when you’re not a professional, a professional online video editor can help you add a finer touch to your videos and match them with your brand image.

As you work on your videos, ensure to keep them simple and short. Your video should also be specific and highlight the benefits your customers can derive from your products. The attention span of online viewers is reducing considerably. That’s why creating short videos will bring curious viewers to your website. With brand videos that provide tons of value, you can easily convert your new site visitors into customers.

videos for retail website conversions

4. Use Product Walkthrough Videos to Convert Visitors into Leads

Every brand is competing for the same audience as you are. Therefore, your brand will only have an impact if you can make your new visitors feel cherished when they land on your website for the first time. This can be made possible by the use of engaging content.

Ensuring your visitors enjoy a smoothing onboarding process encourages them to stick around. However, it’s vital to understand your customer’s lifecycle before producing videos that walk your audience through your product. You may pick common and practical uses of your product and highlight them in your videos.

5. Leverage Video Ads to Boost Leads and Conversions

Video ads are another effective medium to attract traffic to your website and convert viewers into buyers. An online video has a higher click-through rate compared to a normal advertisement. You can advertise your brand or product via pay-per-click or search engine marketing.

You can resell to your visitors through video ads. Sometimes, potential customers will visit your site but not take any action. By embedding an ad with your content, it becomes very easy to remind your visitor about your brand. Little touches like these have the power of converting such visitors into loyal customers.

If you choose to have ads in our content, you can allow your viewers to skip a video after the first few seconds. However, those few seconds of watching are critical in attracting traffic and increasing your conversion rate. With a rising conversion rate, you’re assured of more profits as the sales volume increases.

6. Optimize Your Video Placement

It’s not a disputed fact that many people want to watch a brand video before making a purchase decision. But where you post your video content also determines whether your site attracts traffic or not. You need to place your videos on platforms where most of your potential customers hang out.

You may have used the most advanced video editing tool to craft your content. But if you just place your content on various platforms and your audience can’t engage with it, it won’t be of any help. Ensure that you post your video content on your product page, landing page, or on YouTube.

You can also post your content on social media. You should provide links that direct your audience to your website. Once they’re on your website, it becomes easy to convert them with all your other amazing content. Many people who watch your videos seek answers about your brand. So, to keep them browsing on your site, ensure that your content provides the best value.


Create videos about your brand as a part of an effective digital marketing strategy. In tow with a good video editor, you’ll be able to create great videos that drive lots of traffic to your website and boost your conversion rates.

Once your videos are ready, post them on platforms where most of your potential customers hang out. That way, a larger number of people can engage with your videos.