Using exterior signage and props to grow business

Exterior signage and props

M&S’ new flagship Stevenage store has showcased the importance of exterior signage and props to capture the attention of passersby and encourage them to spend instore.

Looking to establish themselves as a key retailer in the local area, their ‘Hello Stevenage!’ sign successfully shared their messaging, reminding shoppers that they were open. This was accompanied by an enormous inflatable Percy Pig; the retailer’s signature product.

Investing in exterior signage, the well-known brand chose to spread its messaging far and wide, installing over a dozen eye-catching signs at the new 10,000 square meter store. Of these signs, 10 were of their logo, with the largest measuring approximately three metres by eight metres in size.

In addition to this, M&S in Stevenage has also installed three triangular totem signs that are used to clearly mark the various departments within the store.

Benefits of exterior signage and props

We will now take a look at some of the benefits of using signage and props on the outside of a retail store.

Capturing attention

Utilising props and signage are brilliant ways to engage passersby, who may not have otherwise paid much attention.

Brand awareness

Having a memorable presence is essential to grow customer loyalty. In this case, M&S have tied in one of their best-selling product lines, creating and giant version of the Percy Pig character to draw attention to their store.

Sharing key messages through exterior signage

With the store having been developed for a long period of time, sharing messaging that they are now opening has been essential to encouraging customers to visit. This was done through the addition of their ‘Hello Stevenage!’ sign.

Rethink your exterior signage

It could be worth rethinking your exterior signage to complement your visual merchandising strategy. Think about the message that you want to convey to anybody that isn’t familiar with your shop and consider the various types of signage that could help to communicate this.