Who are TruRating?

TruRating offers a flexible, multi-channel solution for engaging with customers. The power of TruRating lies in the simplicity of asking one question at the point of payment, allowing merchants to hear from the majority of their customers. Ideal for e-commerce sites that want to increase traffic and improve conversion rates, TruRating helps serve up a buying journey that customers will want to finish.

  • Customers are asked one simple question on the payment confirmation page—no interruption to their buying journey and no annoying pop ups.
  • They answer with one simple click, rating from 0-9.
  • They are then offered the option of leaving further feedback in the form of a comment.
  • They can also leave their contact details, giving you the chance to reach out further.
  • The information is fed back to the merchant in the form of an online dashboard or mobile app.
  • We provide easy to understand insights, including comparisons with other businesses, and help merchants understand where they might need to take action.
  • Because of its simplicity, an average of 59% of customers are happy to rate online, and a further 20% choose to add qualitative comments. This uniquely large sample size means merchants can make data-based decisions with confidence.
  • And since responses are collected at the point of payment, the relationship between satisfaction and spend is clearly visible, delivering validated data with a link to financial impact.

We provide a consumer-facing profile page which drives traffic to stores. Plus, every rating is fed into the profile page as it comes in, so TruRating provides a dynamic boost to SEO and overall visibility, raising a merchant’s volume of new daily visitors.

TruRating includes five core metrics to enable benchmarking both internally and externally. Additionally, a merchant can ask custom questions, enabling them to test marketing initiatives, new product ranges and much more. With insights on specific areas of business, merchants can deliver a journey their customers will be happy to complete, helping to improve conversion rates.

We believe in consumer power, and that a small action taken by many can lead to positive changes. This is perhaps best represented by our initiative to donate to worthy causes with every single rating collected. The ultimate goal is to deliver better data for businesses, better experiences for customers, and better outcomes for charities.

With TruRating, merchants have the power to:

  • Give their customers what they want and watch them spend more.
  • Get a constant pulse of feedback so they know when and where to take action.
  • See how the power of one question leads to an online average response rate of 59%.
  • Increase visibility with their own personalized profile page.
  • Boost SEO with relevant and dynamic content fed to top search engines.
  • Provide customers with an optimal buying journey.
  • View ratings through the context of how they relate to basket data.
  • Ask custom questions to test elements of operations, product or marketing.
  • Improve brand reputation to stand out from the competition.
  • Stay on top of business by viewing our dashboard through an app at any time.
  • Keep current with weekly email push reports for timely and engaging data.
  • Promote scores through social media.
  • Contribute to charity by simply collecting feedback at no cost to them or their customers.


  • FREE for stores doing 1 to 10,000 yearly transactions.
  • $99 USD per month for stores doing 10,001 to 100,000 yearly transactions.
  • More than 100,000 yearly transactions? Get in touch for a custom plan.

“TruRating Online has been easy for us to implement and is simple for customers to use, yet the insights are so valuable—I can already see how this is going to drive long-term positive change for our business.” —Michael Keogh, Director, Bags To Go

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