Top Tips to Create More Attractive Retail Displays

Retail displays

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Retail displays should be exciting, capturing shoppers’ attention. Whatever you sell, whether it is jewellery, cosmetics, or bespoke gifts, there is the need to design attractive retail displays.

You should begin by planning, understanding the props you have as well as upcoming events and potential themes. For those who struggle to come up with concepts, it can be worth getting inspiration from other shops and seeing what you like most.

These are just some of the ways that you can create more successful retail displays:

  1. Regularly update displays

To continuously attract new and regular customers, you must change your displays often, reminding shoppers that there is always new stock and that there are plenty of reasons to come instore.

This doesn’t have to be an expensive task, especially if you get creative and reuse the props you already have. Props can include mannequins, ring boxes, shelving units and more.

Moving items into different positions to accompany various ranges of products is another great way to completely transform a shop’s appearance, enabling updated displays on a budget.

  1. Highlight fresh stock

Over time, displays will look less attractive. This can be as stock depletes, as boxes become damaged, or as products begin to gather dust. Make sure stock looks appealing and not aged, removing unattractive products, cleaning them and adding in freshly packaged products to reinvigorate displays. If a particular range of products no longer looks desirable, switch it for different products, or more them to a less focal point in the store.

You should also be aware that some manufacturers offer to send replacement packaging upon request, making sure that damaged stock can still be displayed and sold.

  1. Invest in lighting

It is worth investing into lighting as it can draw shoppers’ attention to specific items and products. Strategically placed lighting has been proven to increase sales and enhance display.

Lighting should be used to make all products visible, while accentuating some of the most important items. Quite literally, it works to show your products in their best light.

Top lighting tips include:

  • Lighting from all angles to reduce shadows
  • Contrasting bright and soft light to draw attention to specific areas
  • Using cool, white coloured lighting to make areas feel larger
  • Using warmer lighting to make spaces feel more comfortable and cosy
  • Installing lighting in shelving units and cases to make all products visible
  • Adding accent lighting to highlight window displays
  1. Capture shoppers’ imaginations

Display products in the way that they will be used, for example, showing jewellery being worn by a mannequin, or placing tableware on a dining table. Giving customers the opportunity to imagine the items in real-life situations can increase the likelihood of them making a purchase.

These top tips will enable you to create more attractive retail displays, improving the appearance and desirability of the items you stock.

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