The Benefits of Using an EPOS System in Retail

EPOS system

This post first featured in the Modern Retail Guide to Retail Tech February 2019. To read the full ebook click here, or scroll to the end of the page to view on page-turning software.

An EPOS system is much more than a place for customers to pay. When utilised correctly, it can bring countless benefits, helping retailers to run their business more effectively and smoothly. Here are just some of the reasons to make the most of your EPOS system, if you aren’t already doing so.

Accurate reporting with an EPOS system

An EPOS system can accurately collect data in real time, removing the risk of error which is often associated with data input. By relying on your EPOS system to provide reliable data, sales reports can be generated with ease, helping to highlight sales figures, high-performing stock and profit margins.

Real-time inventory tracking

EPOS systems create the opportunity to track inventory levels across various stores with ease. A number of factors make traditional methods of stock tracking more challenging, including the increasing number of items being returned and the ability to click and collect instore. These can be easily overcome using a system which has the capability to monitor the number of items instore, instantly recording sales, returns and changes to levels of stock.

Cloud-based EPOS system access

Data stored on the cloud can be accessed from any location, meaning you don’t have to be instore to check inventory levels or track sales recorded by your EPOS system. When protected properly, this can give additional security, meaning there is less risk of losing data to system damage or viruses.

Customer satisfaction

Customers seek streamlined, fast checkout experiences, with customer service also playing a large part in making their purchase memorable. EPOS systems can facilitate stock checking on the spot, giving staff the opportunity to ask customers if they found everything they were looking for. With quick access to stock levels, where it can be found, and even organising home delivery if the item is not instore, this can help retailers to upsell, increase sales and impress customers.

The benefits of using EPOS systems to simplify business operations, log data and improve customers’ experiences are endless. This makes it more important than ever before to understand the full functionality of your EPOS system and exactly how you can make the most of it.

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