The 3 Vital Factors of Delivery


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Experience is everything nowadays for the digitally empowered customer. The physical aspect of getting a delivery in your hand is one of the most important parts of online deliveries. Those who put the effort in to make the experience excellent, reap the benefits.

To create loyal customers who regularly come back, retailers must understand their customers’ preferences, creating options which suit these people in order to secure their business.

These are the three main aspects of delivery which should be considered:


Retailers should take customers’ preferences into account, offering various, wide-ranging delivery options. Where possible, having the ability to do same-day delivery, next-day, two day, or even longer time-scale delivery can facilitate most customers’ needs.


Customers look for convenience when booking delivery services. For some people, this will be the ability to collect their items from a pick up point or locker, while others will opt for flexible delivery times, or specific time slots, making it possible for them to receive their delivery out of work hours, or at a convenient time.


Price plays a large part in consumers’ decision to make a purchase, meaning retailers must offer competitive pricing, as well as a reasonable service on a budget.

The most successful retailers will offer options for each of these, however consumers typically look for at least two of the three. Should two of these fit their demands, they are often willing to trade off, or lose the third.

As an example, somebody who forgot to purchase a birthday present and has a party in the evening may place an order for same-day delivery. Because there is urgency, this person would not mind paying a premium to ensure it arrives to their desired location in time. They receive speed and convenience, but not the best price.

On the other hand, somebody looking to buy a gift for a birthday the following month would not be in a rush. This person would most likely look for convenience and price, ensuring the delivery is hassle-free, but they would not be happy to pay a premium for fast delivery, instead, shopping around and comparing prices. In fact, 74% of shoppers feel more confident ordering online when they are able to track.

With every customer having their individual delivery necessities and requests, retailers should be able to service all customers and contexts, looking to offer a range when it comes to speed, convenience and price.

By facilitating customers’ varying preferences, retailers can overtake competitors and create returning customers through industry-leading delivery which leaves an impression.

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