How can tablet POS enhance your business?

tablet POS

Whether you are a high street retailer, a pop up store or a restaurant, tablet POS has significant advantages for your business. The undisputed benefits of mPOS technology include reduced investment costs, easy set up and flexibility to immediately react to market changes, not to mention greater efficiencies. Coupled with reliable, stylish hardware you have an mPOS solution that is not only low cost but will provide a wide range of features to enhance your business.

Basing a POS system around a tablet or indeed a smartphone provides many benefits. As an off-the-shelf adaptable device a tablet POS provides high functionality for its cost while ease of use and processing power allow your business to be extremely responsive to your sales data. Beyond collecting and recording payment from customers, a tablet POS system provides the opportunity to collect additional information that can be processed to generate a variety of business reports.

When your EPOS system is synchronising with a cloud-based backup service you can be sure that your business data is safe and secure while observing what is taking place in your business in real-time. Each terminal’s product list, price information, and item modifications are always up-to-date eliminating the need to individually re-programme each terminal when changes are required. Adding a new item to your price list is simple and once created your product list or menu items can be easily downloaded onto additional tablet POS devices.


In terms of hardware, a combined Bluetooth printer and cash drawer solution such as mPOP™ from Star provides a lightweight and portable solution that is just 10cm high and 30cm wide with a sleek design that will complement any counter top. Alternatively, mPOP with front feed receipting can easily be secured under the counter for enhanced space-saving. With intuitive top loading as well as a partial cut guillotine, the reliable thermal printer automatically cuts the 58mm wide receipt. Available in black or white, mPOP can be purchased with a plug and play scanner or this can be added as a later option.

To complete the solution, the StarPOPPack option includes a black or white tablet stand and metal plate. Alternative colours are available if required. The universal tablet frame that is attached to the mPOP metal plate has a sponge inner sleeve to accommodate 10 inch tablets. The tablet can be turned 180 degrees to allow the customer to view the transaction. A black or white PED (pin entry device) stand is also available for card payment. Simple to set up, the tablet stand and plate option adds the finishing touch to mPOP to create a stylish, portable mPOS station.


In order to provide customers with a digital receipt and full colour promotional image if desired; mPOP also features Star’s new digital receipting service AllReceipts that offers a free of charge, fast route to providing a digital copy of a paper receipt as well as access to analytics, an in-store customer survey and device management tools. A number of software companies have integrated mPOP – a full list is available at It is recommended that you check with the software provider that AllReceipts has also been integrated.

With zero development required AllReceipts is enabled within the Star printer driver, works independently of your POS software and is totally managed by the retailer. Triggered by a traditional printed receipt, a digital copy of the receipt is sent to the AllReceipts App on the customer’s mobile with no email address or mobile number required. Receipts can only be claimed once and are then deleted, while saved receipts can be viewed by date or by retailer with personal or business tags on the customer’s device.

Digital receipting eliminates the issues typically associated with email receipting including the time taken to record email addresses and the potential problem that these could be taken down incorrectly. The immediate advantage perceived by the customer is the choice to remain anonymous and yet still receive a digital image of the receipt and coupon when offered.

The latest features added to the AllReceipts service include: Engage NOW and Receipt Flip. Engage NOW allows you to provide links to promotions, discounts, coupons, etc on the Engage NOW landing page. Customers using the AllReceipts App can simply tap on your logo from the list of receipts on their smartphone and be directed to a URL that you specify. Engage NOW is secure and easily customizable, providing a highly personal customer connection. This feature also allows the customer to be notified on their smartphone when a new promotion is available. An icon will automatically appear next to your logo on the customer’s device, alerting them to check for updates. The beauty of this feature is that only one receipt needs to be scanned in order for you to benefit from ongoing direct communication with the customer.

Receipt Flip provides the first two-sided colour digital receipt option. This feature allows you to take advantage of the reverse side of digital receipts, as on printed receipts, to display terms and conditions, store policies, promotions, marketing material, etc.

This article illustrates the many advantages associated with tablet POS. By using this technology, retailers of all sizes can experience a wealth of features alongside noticeable cost savings that not only have the potential to improve the bottom line but also significantly enhance overall business performance and level of customer service.