Stronger Business For A Stronger Future – Embracing Marketing

When was the last time you advertised your business? You may have even done so without realising it when you put a board out in front of your business telling customers to come in.

Have you have ever put a post on Facebook about your business? Well, that is a form of marketing. Some people can be intimidated when it comes to marketing, thinking it’s only for big companies with huge budgets, but this is not the case. Marketing can be for everyone, no matter what size your business or budget.

Times have changed; the days of traditional marketing like putting an ad in the local paper or a listing in the yellow pages are gone, or at least these things no longer have the impact they once did. Instead, marketing has shifted to more of a digital marketing focus; this is any marketing on the internet.

What happens if you don’t market your business? 

Well, nothing. If you have customers coming to your business regularly and you are happy with the amount of business you receive, you must be doing something right. This could be you selling a great product, offering a fantastic service, delivering amazing customer service, being in a prime location or having loyal customers spreading the word.

However, you may have noticed things have changed recently because of lockdowns. With shopping habits shifting to a more online focus, taking advantage of click-and-collect or delivery services, you may feel footfall has dropped off.

Embracing marketing could help your business by letting new and old customers know you are open, where you are and that you exist.

Marketing - The Retail Mutual

Stronger Business, Stronger Future

The Retail Mutual has launched its “Stronger Business, Stronger Future” campaign to help independent businesses utilise digital marketing to attract more customers and increase on and offline sales. But, even if you do have an online presence, are you making the most of it? What are you doing to encourage customers into your business?  Is your business in the best shape it can be?

We have collaborated with Wonderful Creative Agency to create an in-depth marketing promotion guide. The purpose of this guide is to help business owners (like you) get the most out of your digital marketing.

This guide includes information about:

  1. SEO – How to improve your website so that it has a better chance of being found online
  2. Google My Business – A free way for your local community to find your business online
  3. Social Media – How to make the most of social media for your business
  4. Paid search – What it is and how paid search can work for your business
  5. Paid social – How advertising on social media can help you find new customers
  6. Video – Use video to promote your business and engage your customers
  7. eCommerce – How to use your website to sell your products
  8. Reporting and monitoring – Find out if your marketing is working from measuring data
  9. Bringing offline online – Use traditional marketing to drive online sales

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Supporting independent businesses

At The Retail Mutual, we have supported independent businesses for over 20 years, providing them with security, peace of mind and financial protection when they need it most. We want to see your business succeed; we want you to have a stronger business for a stronger future.

Even with the strongest of businesses, an unexpected knock could still have a major impact, which is the last thing an already struggling business needs. Being unable to trade or having to pay a hefty claim could certainly put your business up against it.

The Retail Mutual can provide your business with the protection it needs to keep it covered, so if the unexpected does happen and your business takes a heavy hit from a claim, The Retail Mutual is here to help you get back on your feet.

Call. Quote. Covered.

If you want a stronger business for a stronger future, choose The Retail Mutual as your business cover provider. Since its inception in 1999, The Retail Mutual has grown to provide cover to over 100 different trade types including retail, hair salons, barbershops and catering businesses.Why not see what we can do for your business by getting a free no-obligation quote from us? Talk to one of our team by calling 0333 2127 263 or start your quote journey online.  The Retail Mutual is in your corner.

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