Fulfilling Expectations with Specialist Services

Specialist Fulfilment Services

Online retail would be much simpler if every product were the same size, shape and weight. In the real world, however, that’s never going to be the case. Indeed, the eCommerce sector has now grown to such an extent that it’s now possible to purchase almost anything online, including specialist, high value, over-sized and delicate items.

Consequently, Exact Abacus has developed niche fulfilment capabilities to accommodate all kinds of specialist requirements.  Moreover, it has integrated fulfilment services with an advanced technology platform to ensure that retail customers can depend on Exact Abacus to process, handle and dispatch products efficiently, with complete transparency and accountability, regardless of the unique demands of the individual business.

What Are Specialist Fulfilment Services?

As an eCommerce fulfilment provider with specialist fulfilment services, Exact Abacus can effectively carry out the fulfilment elements of an eCommerce transaction to the bespoke requirements of each customer, handling items with the same care they would themselves while freeing up their time and resource.

However, specialist fulfilment services do fall into distinct categories and retailers that transact online should look for a service that meets the needs of their company, their customer base and their product portfolio when considering a third-party fulfilment partner.  For example, Exact Abacus offers specialist fulfilment services for ‘white glove’ fulfilment, subscription boxes, organic products, dangerous goods and ambient food. It also works with varied channels to meet specific fulfilment requirements, including Kickstarter and Crowdfunder fulfilment, Seller Fulfilled Amazon Prime and Fulfilled by Amazon preparation.

White Glove

White Glove fulfilment has successfully overcome one of the last obstacles in the eCommerce sector by enabling both the retailer and the consumer to trust high value and/or delicate items to the online channel.

It is ideal for all kinds of sectors, including jewellery, medical instruments and equipment, delicate fabrics and clothing items, antiques and rare items, cosmetics and fragile electronics. Far from a one-size-fits-all solution, it is a tailored fulfilment service aligned to the specific needs of the customer.

Subscription Boxes

Combining products and the ‘experience’ of receiving a ‘surprise’ at regular intervals, the subscription box is exceptionally popular both as a gift and as a self-treat. In terms of fulfilment, it involves challenges of scheduling boxes, picking items aligned to customer preferences and keeping on top of the customer’s subscription status. The vertical integration of technology that’s embedded in all Exact Abacus’ fulfilment services is particularly advantageous here, enabling efficient hands-off management of each subscriber.


All organic-certified products, including food and cosmetics, must be handled in an organic-approved environment at all points in the storage and fulfilment journey. To answer this need, Exact Abacus has an organic-certified section in its warehouse to ensure that products’ organic status is never compromised.

Ambient Food

Even food that’s not organic still needs specialist handling, with integrated technology playing an important role in ensuring that stock is managed and handled to avoid the risk of perished or damaged items.

Dangerous Goods

Covering anything from fireworks to hazardous chemicals, dangerous goods require specialist handling throughout the storage, picking, packing and dispatch processes.  They may also require specific paperwork to verify compliance. As a result, a fulfilment partner for dangerous goods must understand the regulatory demands of the product category, conduct training, source safe packing and follow established handling regimes.

Amazon Fulfilment

When providing the interface between the online retailer and an eCommerce channel like Amazon, the fulfilment specialist must be able to demonstrate that service levels will meet strict requirements.  For example, Exact Abacus was required to pass strict compliance criteria in order to offer a Seller Fulfilled Prime service, including demonstrating that its integrated technology can ensure same day dispatch of qualifying items and we must maintain strict service standards for all products sold through Amazon.

It’s all about Trust

Outsourced fulfilment can offer significant advantages to online retailers in terms of resource, efficiency, customer satisfaction and scalability. Visit exactabacus.com to learn more about its specialist fulfilment services.