Sharing In-Store Videos and Livestreams: What Retailers Need to Consider

in-store videos

If you are looking for new and fresh ways to cater to your loyal customer base or attract and retain brand-new customers, in-store videos and livestreams may be a viable solution for you. It has emerged as a particularly up-and-coming trend in recent years but if you are unfamiliar with what in-store videos and livestreams entail or how to get started, continue reading to find out everything you need to know as a retailer. 

Do your research 

It may sound obvious but if you are to embark on a brand-new method of advertising to your audience, you must do your research beforehand. This can allow you to find out what it involves, what it costs, and, perhaps most importantly, whether it is the right decision for your brand. It may also enable you to compare the various options available to you and weigh up the pros and cons of different platforms so you can make an informed decision that you are happy with. It is, after all, a relatively modern phenomenon that the vast majority of businesses are still fairly unfamiliar with. 

Shop around for the right platform 

If you have done your research and decided to share in-store videos and livestreams with your customers, shopping around for the right platform must top your list of priorities. It can be tempting to opt for a well-known platform but by investing in OTT services from a renowned provider, you can receive a tailored experience from start to finish and benefit from greater customer service from the very onset and throughout. It may also be worth considering integrating your livestream shopping platform into your brand’s website or separate mobile app so you can yield greater control over your inventory, customer data, and shipping processes. 

Capitalise on any emerging trends

In the retail world, it is important you keep up to date with any relevant developments and capitalise on any emerging trends. This can allow you to produce in-store videos and livestreams based on content that your customers can relate to and even adjust your existing product range as necessary going forward. If you are interested in expanding your knowledge of a particular trend or finding out how your customers feel about it, for example, an in-store video or livestream can also be a great opportunity for you to do some research and get to know your customers on a deeper level by uncovering their retail likes and dislikes. 

Make the most of available technology 

If you are unfamiliar with sharing in-store videos and livestreams as a business, it can be difficult to know where to begin. It may, however, benefit you to make the most of available technology. This can be done by repurposing successful content from past livestreaming events, offering on-demand video archives for consumers that missed out on events streamed in real-time, and sharing relevant content to similar social media channels or product detail pages where it is likely to enhance the existing product on offer. 

If you are interested in sharing in-store videos and livestreams as a business, there are several factors you must consider ahead of time. This includes doing your research ahead of time, shopping around for the right platform for you and your brand, capitalising on any emerging trends that may positively impact your business, and making the most of available technology. This can allow you to improve your approach to e-commerce and perfect your existing retail strategy in today’s oversaturated business landscape where trends can come and go in a matter of minutes.