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Rising Retail Categories: Source Products Wisely

Rising retail categories

As consumer behaviour continues to change in a rapid and unpredictable way, Google has launched a tool that enables retailers to understand specific areas of demand. Highlighting rising retail categories, this interactive tool works to show the fastest rising retail categories by location.

Listing the top trending categories, as well as the increase in search volume, users can select various countries, as well as viewing trends by week, month, or even year.

Rising retail categories

The benefit of this tool is that it can help retailers to identify products that are growing in demand, looking at the categories and individual searches that are growing in popularity.

This information is updated daily, to reflect changes in search interests and help retailers to spot new and long-lasting trends.

See the latest rising retail trends

It’s simple to view the products that consumers are searching for and this regularly updated information makes it a fantastic resource, whether you are looking to source new products or understand the market in more depth.

To view the most recent rising retail trends, click here.

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