RetailX Coronavirus Consumer Confidence Tracker – 8th April

Content courtesy of Internet Retailing

The first consumer survey that formed part of this series was conducted almost seven weeks ago. Since then, few businesses and retailers, in particular, have been untouched by the effects of the virus and the lockdown on consumer confidence and behaviour. (Previous weeks’ results can be seen here: 11th March and 25th March.) This week we’ve added new questions to the tracker to gauge how many consumers are shopping with new retailers and how many are no longer shopping with their regular companies. We have also produced a trendline of consumer expectations regarding the duration of the health crisis. See all the charts below.

Survey Details

n =1000
demographicsUK residents of all age groups*
run date08/04/2020


All respondents were based in the UK at the time of the survey.

*Age groups: 18 – 24 (13.2%), 25 – 34 (29.5%), 35 – 44 (25.3%), 45 – 54 (16.7%), > 54 (15.3%).

Genders: female (49.2%), male (50.8%).